eLearn Quizzes

Quizzes and tests are often used in eLearn and offer a variety of question types.

NOTE: Problems with taking quizzes usually involve issues with your internet connection, browser or computer. To avoid these issues, take your quizzes on campus using college computers or follow these guidelines:

  • Do not open any other windows while taking the quiz.
  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection. Do not take the test while you are streaming videos on the same WiFi connection.
  • Use the SAVE button after each question.
  • Refresh the browser if the page appears stuck.
  • Try another browser (Firefox is the recommended browser).

Take a Quiz or Test

Quizzes are available by clicking on Assessment on the Navbar and then select Quizzes.

The Quiz List displays all quizzes, test or exams currently made available by your instructor. Some instructors may allow multiple or unlimited attempts to take a quiz. 

When you are ready to take a quiz, click on the appropriate quiz name.

elearn quiz list

You will be taken to the quiz page with details about the quiz. Click Start Quiz.

elearn quiz submit

Save your answers as you go and when you've answered all the questions click Save All Responses (just in case you missed some) and then click on Go To Submit Quiz. You will see another page asking you to confirm that you are ready. Click Submit Quiz to confirm your submission.

Video Tutorial