Turnitin - Check for Plagiarism Before Submitting Your Assignment

This technical guide explains how to use Turnitin to check for plagiarism before submitting your assignment to your instructor.

Step 1: Log in to eLearn

Step 2: Click on the "Open Offerings" tab and register in the Digital Skills Toolkit course


Step 3: Once registered you can access the course content from within the Digital Skills Toolkit course


Step 4: From the navigation bar, under assessment select "Dropbox"

digital skills toolkit assessment dropdown bar

Step 5: Find and select the folder labelled: “Turnitin: Test before you submit to your instructors”

elearn dropbox folder

Step 6: Submit files using the “Add a File” button

elearn submit file

Step 7: Click submissions (the number) to see your submission and originality report (this may take 2 to 48 hours)

elearn submissions highlight

Step 8: Each of your files will be listed. Click the blue box to access each report

Learn more about interpreting an originality report

elearn turnitin report

Note: These submissions are not seen by your instructor nor are they included in Turnitin’s paper repository.