Using eLearn Navigation Bars


The Minibar sits at the top of every screen in eLearn and gives you access to several eLearn tools.


  1. Use My Home to return to the eLearn home page.
  2. Course selector tool (pin your current courses at the top).
  3. Alerts- message alerts, subscription alerts, and update alerts
  4. Personal settings and Logout.

Course Navigation Bar

The menu bar located at the top of each course page is called a navbar. The course tools in the navbar include:

5. Home -  use this to return to your course home page.

6. Content - organized in modules, content includes lectures, notes, videos, quizzes and more.

7. Communication - find your classlist, discussion groups and news.

8. Assessment - use this option to find the dropbox for submit assignments online, find quizzes or see your grades.

9. Resources - check assignment due dates in the calendar or view your progress.

10. Help- opens Brightspace help page

NOTE: Do note use the email icon in the Minibar. Students access email using the Office 365 widget.

Video Tutorial