Add and Resize Images in Your ePortfolio

Learn how to add and resize pictures within your ePortfolio presentation.

Step 1: Log in eLearn

Step 2: Accessing the ePortfolio Tool

Select My Tools from the drop down menu and then click ePortfolio.


Step 3: Adding your image

Under "My Items" click Add and File Upload to upload your image to ePortfolio


Step 4: Edit Presentation

Click the drop-down arrow beside the presentation you want to add the image to, followed by "Edit".

eport-edit-presentation_0.pngenter caption here

Step:6 Edit the Text Area

From the "Content/Layout" tab, select the page where you want to add the photo. Select the edit option, from the drop-down arrow beside your text area.


Step 7: Inserting a Picture

Click the "Insert Stuff" button to select the picture you are adding.


Step 8: Selecting a Picture

Select "ePortfolio" then click the radial button next to the picture, followed by the "Next" button.



Step 9: Picture Link Text and Size

1. Enter the link text and alternate text for your picture, this can be the name of the picture you are adding.

2. With "Lock Aspect Ratio" enabled, enter a size in pixels into the width field for your picture. Leave the height field empty because this will change the width to your desired size while keeping the height in proportion. Click the "Refresh Preview" button to see the picture in the size it will be added.

Click "Insert" when done.

eport-insertphoto-name-size.pngenter caption here

Step 10: Save and Close Text Area

Your picture has now been added to the text area, when finished click "Save and Close".