Choose a Timetable in MyMohawk

Step 1: Log in to MyMohawk

Step 2: Click on Registration



Step 3: Click on Choose or change your timetable




Step 4: Confirm that your student name and number are correct

personal information panel

Step 5: Click on the program number to select a timetable for that program

select a program

Step 6: Confirm that all the information is correct and click "Continue" to select your timetable

confirmation for registration

Step 7: To view the timetable you must select a block, the timetable will show automatically

timetable layout

timetable layout

Step 8: If your course requires you to take an elective, select one

timetable layout

Step 9: When you have finished selecting your block and electives, click "Submit to Register"

submit to register

Step 10: Select your payment plan option

payment plan

Step 11: Once finished, you can choose to print your timetable

congratulations pop up

Always remember to log out and close the browser windows.