Frequently Asked Questions and User Guides


Voicemail in Skype for Business can be accessed through Outlook, webmail, or the Outlook app on your mobile phone.

Skype for Business Desktop Application

Skype for Business Resources and Quick Guides

Delegating Calls to Other Skype for Business Users

A delegate can pick up or make calls on behalf of a department number or another Skype for Business user (assistant/manager).


Calling with your Skype for Business headset

Purchasing Headsets for Skype for Business

Headsets and accessories are purchased at the discretion of your department. IT provides support for Microsoft certified accessories only. These headsets connect to your computer by USB and have been designed to work easily with Skype for Business. Headsets come in many styles to meet your specific preferences and the needs of your working environment.

helpdesk [at] (Please contact the IT Service Desk) with your requirements and we will provide recommendations and suggested sources for ordering.


Participant Limits for Teleconferences

Participants calling in by telephone: 20
Participants connecting by web app: Unlimited

Quick Reference for Skype Meetings

These quick reference cards can be printed back-to-back for reviewing features.

Skype Meetings and Conferences

Dial-In Conference Moderator Controls

If you are not controlling your Skype meeting/teleconference using the Skype for Business desktop application, you must dial into your conference from your phone in order to act as the moderator. All conference calls require a moderator to admit attendees to the meeting

Teleconference Phones

Lync teleconference speaker phones can be reserved through the IT Service Desk in Fennell room C118. Confirm that your meeting room has an active internet connection well ahead of your scheduled meeting time.

Mobile Phones

For mobile purchases, upgrades, and travel package requests, see Communications and Collaboration.

Corporate Mobile Policy

All college-owned mobile devices (phones, tablets, internet hubs/sticks) are subject to the College's Wireless and Cellular Technology policy (PDF 1.2mb) (CS-1503-2007)

Lost or Stolen Phones

  1. Contact Bell Mobility immediately (1-800-667-0123) to disable service. Any charges incurred while the phone is active and out of your possession will not be refunded.
  2. helpdesk [at] (Report loss to the IT Service Desk).

Current Voice and Data Plans

Current Canadian mobile services (PDF) are in effect as of 1 April 2019.

Cancellation or Temporary Service Suspension

It is the responsibility of the mobile subscriber’s supervisor to contact the IT Service Desk to request suspension or cancellation of a mobile service.

  • Temporary Suspension - A number can have all service suspended at a reduced cost of $5 per month. The contract will be extended for each day that the phone is suspended, up to 6 months from date of suspension. Suspended phones are automatically placed back into service after 6 months.
  • Cancellation - Cancelling a number before the end of its 2-year contract will result in early termination fees. The minimum cancellation period is 30 days.