Student Feedback on Teaching

Student feedback on teaching is an important component of faculty development. It can take several years for faculty to develop their own teaching style. The Student Feedback on Teaching is a survey designed to provide feedback to the teacher about the teaching practices that are most effective at helping students learn. The survey is administered online each term in weeks 11, 12, and 13 for most of our day courses and for 2 weeks when courses are 90% complete for our Continuing Education courses by the Institutional Research & Data Analytics Department. The results of the survey can be downloaded by staff in the Employee section in MyMohawk, under 'Mohawk Surveys' and their eLearn homepage after grades have been posted to students.

Currently there are 2 sets of survey questions for most of our courses (day post-secondary, continuing education, and apprenticeship only). Note there are slight variations to the survey questions below for both the continuing education and apprenticeship surveys. In addition, the clinical/placement courses use different sets of questions depending on program area.

Results from a single course may provide some useful feedback if the participation rate was greater than 65%. However, before any conclusions can be made about one’s teaching effectiveness, one would have to look at the results of several classes over a 3 year period.

If faculty would like to have a discussion about survey results they can contact the Faculty Development Specialist in the Centre for Teaching & Learning. The role of faculty development is to provide confidential support to the faculty on teaching effectiveness.

Survey and Report Access Issues: Please contact Please do not contact the IT Help Desk, as they are not involved with these surveys