Your Spaces

The Learning Support Centre at Fennell has the space, technology, and resources you need to support your learning!

Study Cubicles

Small study spaces primarily used for tutoring. If the space is free, you may use it but you may be asked to vacate for tutoring purposes.

Suited for: Individual or pairs
Cautions: Low level conversation (no loud music, noise or socializing). Do not leave area unattended.

Computer Space

Academic computers with programs and software to help you complete your homework and assignments. If can't find a program/software that you need, please ask the Front Desk Reception.

Computers require your student number and password to log in. For printing purposes, use the Library or i Wing.

Suited for: Individual 

Study Tables

Work productively on homework and assignments at our study tables.

Suited for: Individual or small groups

Front Desk Reception

The front desk has whiteboard markers and erasers, a pencil sharpener,  and a stapler for your use. For any other school supplies (paper, pens, pencils, etc.) you can purchase them at the Campus Store.

Note - We no longer have calculators for borrowing. Please purchase a calculator at the Campus Store.

Do not leave any of your personal items unattended (laptops, bags, USBs). The LSC does not monitor students personal items. If it is left behind, it will be brought to the security office for you to claim. 

Review guidelines of your space

To ensure that the Learning Support Centre provides a positive learning environment, we respectfully ask that you:

  • Use the centre for tutoring appointments*, individual or quiet group study
  • Use the computers for academic activities
  • Use low volume headphones with computers/personal devices
  • Use cellphones outside of Centre
  • Use the recycling centre located at the front to remove any food wrappers, coffee cups, garbage, gum
  • Speak in a low-level voice
  • Are respectful of staff and other students
  • Demonstrate expected behaviour as outlined in Mohawk Colleges Student Behaviour Policy

Please Note: Space and computer priority will be given to Peer Tutoring, Writing Centre and Math Learning Centre activities.

We reserve the right to ask you to use the Centre for the purposes stated above.

Thank you for your co-operation in making the Learning Support Centre a great space for you to learn!

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