PASS Leaders

Meet Your PASS Leaders for Winter 2022!

PASS Leaders are second-semester students (or higher) that have successfully completed the targeted PASS course, and facilitate weekly group study sessions. 


Andres D.



Program: Computer Engineering Technician - Mechatronic Systems (563)


I am excited to be a PASS Leader so I can meet more people and help others. That fills me with energy and enthusiasm!

Ariel M.


MATH 10084

Program: Business - Accounting (316/356)


I'm most excited to help students feel more confident (or at least less anxious!) about their class, and finding ways to study that work for them.

Jacob G.



Program: Electrical Engineering Technology (582)


I am excited to be a PASS Leader because I get to use my knowledge to help fellow classmates succeed in their studies. I really enjoy helping others accomplish their goals. I am also excited to work together with other PASS Leaders and get to know them better.

Javier C.


MATH 10084

Program: Business - Marketing (319/359)


The opportunity to acquire the ability to pass on my study experience to other people is simply fabulous. Being a PASS Leader means not only a great opportunity but also a great commitment to my fellow students so that through my experience I can provide them with tools so that they can be successful in their courses.


Nicole R.


MATH 10084

Program: Business Administration (632)


This semester I am very excited to be a PASS Leader because I have the opportunity to learn more skills and meet more people. For the past three semesters I have been a peer tutor and enjoyed working one-on-one with peers to guide them in their courses. Now as a PASS Leader however, I
have the opportunity to run collaborative group sessions and learn more skills on how to collaborate with and facilitate a larger group of people. Also working in groups provides more social interaction which is especially challenging to find and maintain in a virtual environment.

Olivia R.

Olivia R..png


MATH 10083

Program: Business Administration - Marketing (362)


I'm excited to interact with other students, and create a positive space for learning and collaboration. I love helping students build confidence in a subject that challenges them, and helping people succeed.

Stuart S.



Program: Energy Systems Engineering Technology (360)


I'm excited to be able to help out students who may be struggling or who may just want to learn some extra tips about math. Getting peers to that "aha" moment is always very gratifying!