Continuing Education MLC Courses

There are numerous Mathematics courses offered through the Math Learning Centre on an individualized continuous intake basis. Students work independently through self-study and can get tutoring from MLC staff.

Courses Offered

Most of the courses offered in the MLC are first and second semester daytime Math Courses. There are also three preparatory courses offered to students who do not meet the entrance requirements of the College:

  • Business (MA003)
  • Technology (MA002)
  • Apprenticeship (MA001)

To enroll in a course that is offered through the MLC

  • students must register for the course with Continuing Education
  • attend the one hour mandatory Orientation session at 6:00 pm on the date indicated on the CRN
  • details of the course are explained during the Orientation
  • students can get math tutoring anytime the MLC is open

For More Information

  • For more information about the Math Learning Centre, please call 905-575-2357
  • For more information about Continuing Education Math Learning Centre mathematics courses please email us at mlc.fennell [at]