Learning Plan


A Learning Plan is the critical complement to a Course Outline. It translates the broad, overall synopsis of the course into manageable weekly or modular chunks. It communicates covered content/concepts, expected contributions, and related assessments for each section of the course (week or module). 

How it works

Using Mohawk’s template (available in the Commons area of MyCanvas), the educator plans the weekly or modular learning for their students. At a glance, students can see: progression through the course; upcoming assessments; weekly tasks or expectations; and resources required. If the Course Outline is your learning contract with students, then the Learning Plan is how you are going to honour that contract and provide the opportunities for students to learn course content and achieve results.

It is also a great planning tool for educators. The often large goals of the Course Outline, once plotted to a Learning Plan, provide a clearer path for both the educator and the students.

Use at Mohawk

The Learning Plan is one of the templates provided by ctl [at] mohawkcollege.ca (CTL). You find these in Content under New – Create a File. This version requires less work to edit than a paper template. A paper template must be downloaded, changed, and then uploaded again whereas the template file can be edited directly in the learning environment.

To access the Learning Plan template in Commons, log into MyCanvas, click on the Commons icon from the Global Navigation Bar to the left of your screen, (a new window opens) type in "Learning Plan Template" in the search bar, click on the course card and select the "Import/Download" button; a side window opens to allow you to import it directly into your course, or you have the option to download the blank Word document.

Who can help you at Mohawk

CTL is your one stop for all assistance. Curriculum & Program Quality Consultants (CPQC) can assist with the course design that the Learning Plan reflects. Your MyCanvas team of Educational Technology Specialists (ETS) can troubleshoot the templates and assist with tools to optimize your weekly/modular tasks and resources.

More information

Ask to view a colleague’s Learning Plan or develop yours together!

Speak with any College of Teachers’ graduate to learn more about the vital role of Learning Plans in guiding course development and students’ learning. Templates may be different, but the goals of the Learning Plan remain the same.