Lesson Plan


The Lesson Plan is the next step in granularity from the Learning Plan. Some educators seem to be merging the Learning Plan with the Lesson Plan, but separating out these two tools does provide more benefit to educators and students. With Mohawk’s focus on blended delivery, students are taking more responsibility for their own learning than ever before. Providing detailed information to keep them on track and allow them to schedule their outside of face-to-face learning is vital. The Lesson Plan assists especially if it includes approximate times for completion of each task in the Overview and ends with a Checklist that reminds them of the weekly/modular tasks requiring completion.

To add even more to the educational experience, the weekly or modular lesson plan communicates alignment to the course’s learning outcomes and/ or the program standards.

How it works

The Lesson Plan takes the information from the Learning Plan and provides more detail. It breaks the learning down into the individual activities and tasks. Students better appreciate the educator’s time and planning involved in facilitating their development over the course. Educators who take the extra time to plot and plan can sometimes identify gaps or information overload that they can remedy before release. 

Use at Mohawk

Using the Module Overview template page in MyCanvas is a great starting point and coupling it with the Checklist tool wraps up the week or module. If using, be sure to add the overview each week so that students can see the plan for each week. Lesson Plans are not in wide use at Mohawk, but those who have graduated from Teachers' College where they are a requirement, find them to be of great benefit.

Who can help you at Mohawk

Check in with your CTL team for examples of how a Lesson Plan might look in MyCanvas.