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A service that is a near-requirement for blended delivery is the ability for faculty to easily record and embed their in-class performances and presentations in real time. While not limited to in-class use, Panopto (our branding of the capture and hosting system) offers a flexible and easy to use recording, editing, and cloud-based hosting/publishing facility that is well integrated with MyCanvas.

How it works

Panopto is available on all in-class teaching stations, and is also available for download by any of our users - faculty, staff, and students. While Panopto also provides a public web portal for hosting selective recordings, users generally access the platform directly from MyCanvas courses, after establishing a link. From this link can be accessed the main components of the platform: the created videos, the recorder, the editor, and the various sharing options.

Use at Mohawk

Within their courses, faculty create a special link to the Panopto console, which provides easy access to the recorder, editor, and all the recordings for the course. Faculty users have full control over the availability of the recordings, which can also be embedded into course pages and are streamed via the Panopto service. As with Kaltura, an automatic captioning service is available by simple request.

More than a simple screen capture product, Panopto allows users to record simultaneously from several different sources, including a webcam, microphone, a primary and/or secondary screen, and/or any other system-recognized source, like an inking tablet or a document camera. The final product is an enriched video, with all of these sources available by selection in the video player, along with a thumbnail timeline, captions, and any notes or files that the faculty provide.

While all the videos created for a course can be accessed directly from the specifically-created Panopto link in the Content tool, specific videos can also be embedded directly into webpages via the HTML editor’s Insert Stuff function.

Who can help you at Mohawk

In-person help

Contact an Educational Technology Specialist for assistance with this tool.

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