Career Coaching

Access MCACES Career Coaching today!

What is MCACES Career Coaching?

MCACES is pleased to offer all Continuing Education students access to Career Coaching!  Whether you are seeking new work, more work or are in transition, our service can ensure your career & employment goals are realized.

The MCACES Career Coaching service features the following:

  • Assistance with your Job Search Documents: Have your résumé and important job search documents critiqued.
  • Career and Strengths-Based Coaching: Are you managing your career or is your career managing you? Learn how to take control and improve your employment situation.
  • Job Search Resource Assistance: Where do I start? Simplify your job search by learning how to navigate job posting websites.
  • Interview Preparation: Practice job interview questions in a casual or formal setting. Learn how to excel at answering tough interview questions.
  • Professional Development Workshops: Take advantage of our engaging workshops to improve your employability.

How can I access Career Coaching services?

Assistance can be obtained online or in person. Choose a method that best fits your schedule and learning style!  For more information please contact mcaces [at] or 905-575-2176

Where can I find out what workshops are being offered?

Check out the Events Page or the MCACES Resource Centre Facebook Page to get more details on upcoming workshops and registration information.