Programs Available at Mississauga Campus

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Explore programs starting May 2021 and September 2021.


Start September 2021 at our Mississauga Campus

Business (General) - 672

Two-year Ontario College Diploma
Develop an understanding of business skills, theories and best practices. Master fundamental skills in core business processes, including accounting, finance, marketing, business information systems and technology.

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Global Business Management - 673

Two-year Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Gain a critical understanding of the important elements of global business, a cultural orientation to Canada, and the language and communication requirements to be effective in a global business setting.

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Computer Systems Technician - Network Systems - 674

Two-year Ontario College Diploma
It’s a world of networks and connectivity ... learn about the systems that drive business and industry.

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Office Administration - Health Services - 675

Two-year Ontario College Diploma
Become an important member of the health services industry with a specialized understanding of medical office practices, terminology, electronic medical records and more.

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