What is MoCrew?

MoCrew are a selected group of highly engaged student leaders on campus. All MoCrew have graduated from the Mohawk Student Leadership Academy (MSLA) where they have received teamwork and leadership training from Mohawk Student Life staff. They are active student leaders on campus and in the community who are available to volunteer at high-profile events or to take on a leadership role with their volunteer peers.

Who can become MoCrew?

To be eligible to attend the Mohawk Student Leadership Academy and become MoCrew, students must be in good academic standing and be an active member of the Mohawk College community. It is highly recommended that students document their involvement on their Co-Curricular Record.

Types of activities that look great on your MSLA application:

  • Volunteering, on campus or in the community
  • Athletics (varsity or recreational)
  • Peer Mentorship
  • Peer Tutoring
  • MSA Student Rep
  • Social Inc
  • Student groups
  • Professional or leadership development

What do MoCrew do?

MoCrew are involved in a wide range of on and off campus events and activities throughout the year. Some of these include:

  • Attending Day One Leader Training in both September and January
  • Being involved as a leader among student peers
  • Assisting with high-profile events
  • Acting as an ambassador of Mohawk College

MSLA Applications open March 8-24, 2019. Apply now!

MSLA Leaders

What is an MSLA Leader?

MSLA Leaders are existing MoCrew members who have been chosen to assist in the organization, marketing, and facilitation of the Mohawk Student Leadership Academy.  These leaders return to the Academy to work closely with Student Life staff to create meaningful experiences for new MoCrew.

Who can become an MSLA Leader?

To become an MSLA Leader, applicants must be in good academic standing, have attended MSLA in the past and be able to attend all 4 days of camp. All applicants must also submit a creative application in addition to the application form. Calls for applications will open in December 2018.

What do MSLA Leaders do?

MSLA Leaders must be committed to assisting with the Mohawk Student Leadership Academy, both in the planning process as well as at the Academy itself. All leaders are expected to do the following: 

  • Attend all 2-4 days of MSLA
  • Attend all pre-MSLA leader meetings (arranged collaboratively to accommodate schedules)
  • Demonstrate leadership and encourage camper participation with a “Challenge By Choice” philosophy
  • Assist staff as necessary
  • Be Cabin Leaders

Leaders will be chosen for one of three roles:

Session Leader

Before MSLA:

  • Develop icebreakers
  • Plan and facilitate one new session (as a team, alongside other session leaders)



  • Leader icebreakers
  • Lead campfire activities
  • Facilitate session (with other session leaders)
  • Be a meal host

Group Leader

Before MSLA:

  • Promote MSLA out in the halls and with peers
  • Develop creative marketing strategies to get students interested in attending MSLA



  • Follow schedule and ensure their team arrives at their destinations on time and together
  • Keep morale up and keep a positive attitude while working with their group
  • Identify issues and problem-solve
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Demonstrate leadership and inspire participation

Logistics Leader

Before MSLA:

  • Work with staff to ensure all logistics are complete for the event
  • being on-site the day before MSLA for set up, printing agendas, preparing student packages, and other preparations
  • Organize bus captains and responsibilities
  • Organize cabins sign-ups



  • Ensure catering is prepared
  • Ensure room locations have materials
  • Assist with material distribution
  • Bus coordination


Leader Applications

Any interested MoCrew members can apply to be an MSLA online.

As part of the application for MSLA Leader, you will be asked to submit a creative application in the form of a drawing, short video, art piece, comic strip, or anything you can imagine! Show us why YOU should be hired to be a part of our MSLA Leader team! 

Tip: Make sure your creative application demonstrates why you would be great for the role you want.


MSLA Leader Applications for MSLA 2019 are now closed.


    student pulling the ropestudents making circle shape with a ropea student hanging on the tree