Mohawk College/YMCA Newcomer Mentorship Program

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What is the Newcomer Mentorship Program?

YMCA of Hamilton|Burlington|Brantford initiated a Newcomer Mentoring Program in April of 2017. Over this time, the program has provided many mentors and mentees with the opportunity to develop important skills crucial for their professional development.

Today, the Programs for Newcomers Department at Mohawk College and the Mohawk Alumni Association are excited to join the Newcomer Mentorship initiative in collaboration with YMCA. Through this strategic collaboration, we aim to expand the benefits of the mentoring program to more IRCC eligible newcomers to Canada who are enrolled in Mohawk programs, YMCA Settlement Services and to more working professionals that are eager to support their community as a mentor.

Why should I be a mentor?

Mentoring a newcomer with international experience will support your professional development and career advancement by developing skills that are relevant to today’s diverse workplace and, more specifically, to Hamilton “Canada’s most diversified and one of Ontario’s fastest-growing economies” (City of Hamilton). At the same time, as a mentor, you will become an agent of change in our community by supporting the integration of newcomer professionals into the labour market.

As a mentor, you will have multiple benefits:

  • Enhance your leadership and coaching skills
  • Develop your cross-cultural communication
  • Cultivate a greater sense of community
  • Support Hamilton’s economic and social development
  • Expand your understanding of your field from an international perspective


How will I help a mentee?

During a three-month period, the mentor and mentee will meet six times either online, over the phone, or in-person (If both agree, respecting COVID 19 guidelines). As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to help mentees: 

  • Expand their professional network
  • Enhance their understanding of the Canadian workplace culture
  • By sharing your knowledge of industry skills and training needed to increase employability
  • Grow their confidence as they gain knowledge, feel supported and are better prepared for the Canadian workplace or further study


Will I receive any support from the program?

Yes! We will provide you with training, information, resources and support throughout the term of the mentorship.

Be a mentor. Change lives!

Please submit your application today.

Apply today!


Contact Yudara Weerakoon at yudara.weerakoon [at] (subject: Mohawk%20College%2FYMCA%20Newcomer%20Mentorship%20Program) or

Kathryn Wrong in YMCA: kathryn.Wrong [at] (subject: Mohawk%20College%2FYMCA%20Newcomer%20Mentorship%20Program)

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