Frequently Asked Questions for our Co-op Students

We are all operating in a rapidly changing environment and recognize that this has been a challenging time for students. Our first priority is your well-being. We strongly advise all co-op students to safeguard their own health and safety by complying with the advice being issued by public health officials regarding COVID-19. We understand that you are concerned about completing your work term and the associated risks involved. Please contact your Co-op Specialist with any questions you may have. Mohawk College also offers many Online Services to support you.

Contact Your Co-op Specialist
Your Co-op Specialists are working remotely and are available through phone, email, or online meetings. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Winter 2021 Co-op Work Term

When does the Winter Term start?

The Winter co-op work term is scheduled to start on January 4th, 2021.

Due to COVID-19, am I allowed to start my Winter co-op work term?

Providing you feel safe and your co-op employer strictly adheres to COVID-19 safety protocols, you can complete your co-op work term as scheduled. Please contact your employer to confirm your start date and monitor your email for updates from your Co-op Specialist and employer. If you have questions or concerns with respect to proceeding with your first day of work, please contact your Co-op Specialist.

What if my work term start date is delayed?

Mohawk College will allow flexibility with respect to work term start dates. Your employer may decide to delay your start date and this is permissible in light of the pandemic. Please advise your Co-op Specialist if your start date is delayed.

What if my Winter co-op is cancelled?

If your Winter co-op position is cancelled, you will not be academically disadvantaged and will receive a "No Grade" on your transcript for the work term. You will also have access to CareerReady to continue your job search, should you wish to pursue an alternate employment opportunity for the remainder of the work term. It is important to communicate your intentions to seek a new position to your Co-op Specialist.

What happens to my co-op credit if my work term ends early?

For students to receive a co-op credit for the Winter co-op term, they must complete a minimum of 8 weeks full-time or 210 hours and submit their completed co-op work term report to MyCanvas. For work terms that are less than 8 weeks in length, students will receive a "No Grade" however, any hours worked can be banked and applied to future work terms.

I’m searching for a Winter work term. How will my job search be affected?

If you have not yet secured a co-op job for the Winter term, you can continue to apply to positions on CareerReady. Co-op job postings will continue to be posted on CareerReady as they come in. However, there has been a notable decline in job postings due to COVID-19.

Will Winter co-op interviews continue?

Interviews can take place either in person or virtually. Please note that no in-person interviews will be conducted at Mohawk College, while the college remains closed. Employers may choose to interview at their location. If you are contacted directly by an employer for an interview, please contact your Co-op Specialist as soon as possible.

What impact could COVID-19 have on my current work term?

You may be required to work from home or your work term may end early. Each employer’s work plan will differ based on availability of work and company safety protocols. Follow the instructions outlined by your employer/supervisor and always ask questions if you are uncertain how to approach your daily work schedule.

Who should I contact if my work term details change?

Please alert your Co-op Specialist to any changes in working arrangements, start date, or cancelled work terms.

Are there resources to help me while working from home?

If your employer has agreed to allow you to work from home, please notify your Co-op Specialist. You will be expected to follow the working from home guidelines that your employer has put into place for your position. Additional resources for working at home can be found at CEWIL Canada

Can I obtain a refund on my co-op fees?

As co-op fees are prorated and billed in installments on academic terms, an immediate refund for the spring semester will not be issued. Colleges Ontario is currently reviewing student fees and evaluating refund eligibility criteria with respect to co-operative education.

What if there is a COVID-19 case reported at my work site?

Please contact your Co-op Specialist and continue to follow the guidelines and safety protocols outlined by your employer and Public Health.


Resources for Students

Where can I find more information about Mohawk College and COVID-19?

For information pertinent to Mohawk College and COVID-19, please continue to check the main COVID-19 webpage.

I’m an international student, how does COVID-19 affect me?

Please refer to the Information for International Students FAQ page.

Are there any financial supports available to me?