Hiring a Co-op Student

The Co-op Work Term

Cooperative Education links the academic learning process with the work place through paid, practical work experiences that are integrated with the learning objectives of the program of studies. These job experiences facilitate the student's vocational and personal development.


Employer Benefits:

  • Access to motivated, skilled and productive employees
  • Opportunity to effectively evaluate potential permanent employees
  • Reduced recruiting costs and improved retention through a better match of individual and position
  • Increased visibility in attracting qualified staff

To hire the perfect candidate(s) for your recruitment needs please follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Preparing a Job Description

A well written job description is extremely important, affecting the quality and level of students who apply to your position. The Co-op Specialist can provide guidance regarding both content and format. If possible, please send the description by email. This provides us with an electronic version which saves time in data entry.

Step 2: Posting

Your position description is displayed electronically, under the appropriate program, for student viewing. Those students interested in applying for an interview submit a resume electronically to the Mohawk Job Centre during the application process (usually 5 days in duration).

Submit a Co-op Job now 

Step 3: Pre-Screening

All resumes, received by the Mohawk College Job Centre during the application period are forwarded to you for pre-screening. You may receive resumes electronically, by FAX or by courier.

Step 4: Interviewing

When you have selected from the resumes the candidates you wish to interview, contact your Co-op Specialist to set up an interview schedule using the fax back form. We will make all the necessary arrangements according to your specifications. Interviews are generally held at the College (to minimize lost class time for students). Arrangements can be made for interviews at your premises. We make every effort to accommodate the schedule of all those involved in the interview process.

Step 5: After the Interview

When you complete your interviews, we will ask for a ranking of student according to preference for hiring, i.e., 1st choice, 2nd choice, etc. (only those you would be prepared to hire). We will offer the position to your first choice. If that student accepts, the position is filled. If the student declines, we will make an offer to your second choice, etc. We will notify you of the outcome by telephone as soon as possible and follow with a letter confirming employment of the Co-op student with your organization. The student will contact you regarding start date, location, dress code, etc., prior to the beginning of the Work Term.

Step 6: During the Work Term

A Co-op Specialist will call to make an appointment for an on-site visit, normally between weeks 5 and 12 of the Work Term. Both the supervisor and the student are interviewed at this time, to discuss student performance, progress on learning objectives, etc. We ask that you complete a formal evaluation of the student after the first month and at the end of the Work Term as part of their work term assignment. The student will provide these evaluation forms.