City School Event for Community Partners


Session Information

Session Title: Discovering wellness & resilience: A strength-based approach
Facilitator Names: Nancy and Danielle
Brief Description: Strength-based approach provides the space to collaborate with folks accessing services and building their holistic and intersectional wellbeing. Through practicing this approach, it strengths individual communities and the system that support them.

Session Title: Compassion Fatigue: Balancing Client Support and Self-Care
Facilitator Names: Haylee & Kasey
Brief Description: Explore the emotional challenges faced by those in helping professions. Discuss the somatization of compassion fatigue and gain practical strategies to balance priorities of supporting clients and self-care.

Session Title: Finding Energy Through Diversity
Facilitator Names: Cat & Sarah 
Brief Description: Join City School staff for an inspiring discussion on embracing the diversity of our community and refreshing your practices with empathy and compassion through strengths-based approaches.

Session Title: Strengths-based Approaches to Job Readiness for Indigenous Peoples
Facilitator Names: Danielle Boissoneau
Brief Description:  Curious about the intersections between cultural connectivity and job readiness? This interactive workshop will provide skills, tools and resources to implement best practices for supporting Indigenous clients. 

Session Title: Building your Network
Facilitator Names: Danielle Boissoneau
Brief Description: Looking for exciting ways to engage your clients in activities to prepare them for employment and education? Join us to hear from different community service providers and what’s new at City School!