Skilled Trades Awareness and Readiness Training (START)

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This FREE, 6-week, hands-on program provides the opportunity to explore and develop the skills needed to pursue entry-level careers in the skilled trades.


How to apply

Fill out the online application form. Call 905-575-2730 if you have any questions.


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This program offers:

  • Practical basic skills in subjects such as:
    • Framing techniques
    • Floor, wall and roof construction  
    • Door and window installation
    • Drywall installation and repair
    • Install plumbing fixtures
    • Install electrical switches and outlets  
    • Interior finish (paint, tile, etc.)
    • Exterior finish (siding, shingles, etc.)
    • Blueprint reading
    • Hand and power tools
    • Green building techniques
  • Insight into careers in Construction & Renovation 
  • Knowledge of the apprenticeship and college training systems
  • Construction & Renovation sectors, processes and technologies 
  • Workplace culture and safety 
  • Continuous improvement mindset 
  • Development of essential employability skills
  • Networking opportunities with local employers at our concluding Job Fair


  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • Working at Heights
  • Check back soon for more!

      Where you could work

      • Residential Construction

      • Commercial Construction

      • Home Renovation

      Duties you may have include: 

      • Worksite preparation, unloading trucks, removing hazards
      • Setting up scaffolding, breaking pavement, removing debris
      • Measuring, cutting, fitting, pouring or installing building materials
      • Using tools such as hammers, saws, drills, jackhammers
      • Sealing, painting or finishing surfaces
      • Sweeping and cleaning the job site

      Student eligibility

      • 19 years of age or older
      • Not currently in high school, college, university, or apprenticeship training
      • High school completion not required


        Course details

        Get started on your journey towards a career in Construction & Renovation with our START program! Skilled Trades Awareness and Readiness Training is on the move in our mobile classroom. Travel for field trips is provided. Childcare support available.


        Programming runs from 9 am to 3 pm.


        Apply online


        Mobile Classroom (Centre on Barton, 1275 Barton St. E., Hamilton)
        Dates: Monday to Friday, November 4 - December 13

        Sessions: 9 am to 3 pm



        Phone: 905-575-2730

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        This project is funded by the government of Canada’s Skilled Trades Awareness and Readiness Program