Canadian Health Care for Foreign Trained Professionals (Mississauga Campus - International Only) - 689

Mohawk College Certificate
Two years
This program helps expose internationally educated health care professionals to the Canadian Health Care System.


This program is designed for internationally educated health care professionals (nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, doctors & medical radiation therapists etc.). It provides a critical understanding of the important elements of the Health System in Canada, a cultural orientation to Canada and the language/communication requirements to be effective in a Canadian health care setting. Communication, problem solving and teamwork are part of every course in the program. A considerable amount of emphasis is dedicated to the development of effective communication skills as it is considered a critical skill requirement for transition to working effectively as a health care professional in Canada.

Program Highlights

  • In-class lectures with some courses online.
  • Guest lectures from a variety of health professions.
  • Developing one's own career plan i.e. how to become licensed as a health professional here in Canada.
  • Invaluable opportunity to do a Service Learning Placement (70 hours) in local health agencies or hospitals in your fourth semester.

What you'll learn

  • Funding and government jurisdiction in Canadian Health Care.
  • Ethics and Values for health care professions in Canada.
  • Regulatory Practice and Health Care Professions in Canada.
  • Inter-professional team and collaborative practice in Canadian health care system.
  • The role of public and private sector health care providers - Effective and efficient use of resources in Canadian health care.
  • Autonomous practice, evidence-based decision-making, clinical reasoning and problem solving.

The International Student's Journey:
From Dream to Reality – A student's perspective


Program Length

There are three intakes: September, January and May.
2 academic years (periods of 8 months)


This 2 year, certificate program, has 4 semesters, requiring applicants to have a degree or diploma in a health care professional field (e.g. as a nurse, dentist, physiotherapist, pharmacist etc.). A minimum English proficiency of 6.5 IELTS with a minimum of 6.0 in Speaking and writing is required. Communication skill development is also a key focus for this program and students will be expected to improve their level of proficiency in English by the end of this program. Effective communication is a critical component for health professionals in the Canadian context.

It is wise to get a Police Clearance Certificate and an international drivers licence before you leave your home country. There are a number of Mohawk authorized study abroad agents that can assist you with your submissions – contact our office to find an authorized agent nearest to you. Visa Applications must be clear and without error as it is easy to refuse a file that does not conform or meet requirements for studying abroad.

The following are requirements for this program:

  • A Degree or diploma in a health related field
  • Enhanced English Communication Skills required

Note: Please note that international students require a co-op work permit in order to participate in the work experience component of this program. If you do not receive a co-op work permit upon your arrival in Canada, you will need to apply for one in order to qualify for the work experience component.

Language Requirements for International Students:

Applicants whose first language is not English will be required to demonstrate proficiency in English.

Tuition and Fees

2023 - 2024 International Tuition and Fees

DescriptionSemester 1Semester 2
Total Tuition & Ancillary Fee$8,875.00$8,875.00
Co-op FeesN/AN/A
Program Compulsory Fees$0.00$0.00
International Tax Recovery$75.00$0.00
Total International Per Semester$8,950.00$8,875.00
Total 1st Year Fees$17,825.00

If you pay by wire transfer, please note your bank might charge you a fee to transfer money. Make sure your transfer includes the Mohawk payment and the wire transfer fee. This applies to each wire transfer payment you make.

Additional Information

Course Overview & Descriptions

Some classes will be mixed with other health disciplines offered at Mohawk to facilitate integration and perspective. A few pathway options will be considered for some health professions to facilitate discipline specific streaming (Practical Nursing, Personal Support Worker and Retail Pharmacy Assistant).

Click on the course title for a course description.

Experiential Learning

How you'll gain skills

Fosters social responsibility and leadership through a Service Learning opportunity. Students volunteer 70 hours in local social agencies and hospitals (where available) or conduct virtual projects through Riipen, in order to gain experience in the public and health sectors.

Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes, often referred to as ‘Program Standards', set out the essential learning that a student must achieve before being deemed ready to graduate.

In many cases these program learning outcomes were developed by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) in consultation with employers and educators who are experts in the program field. To ensure the outcomes remain current and in line with industry needs, we invite our employers, graduates working in the field and current students to re-examine and update them during regular, ongoing program review focus groups.

Career Opportunities

Your future career options

  • Develop a career plan for obtaining your health professional license here in Canada.
  • Work at an entry level position within the Canadian health sector.
  • This program will work with you to understand the requirements of gaining your license to practice as a Health Care Professional in Canada. The CHC program will connect you with the supporting information and requirements for your health profession's regulatory body licensing exams.

Where you could work includes:

  • Hospitals, Clinics, Long Term Care facilities, Public Health
  • Personal Support Work, Support Staff at Medical Offices or Clinics, Dental Assistants, Pharmacy Assistant
  • Most health care professions require credential recognition. You will need your credentials from your home country assessed for Provincial and/or Canadian equivalency by the various health care regulatory bodies in Canada. Health care professions have their own rules and regulations to practice in Province and/or Canada.

Educational Pathways


Pathways to Mohawk 

If you've successfully taken a course at another post-secondary institution, you may be able to earn course exemptions toward your credential here at Mohawk.


Pathways within Mohawk

We offer a diverse range of programs to further your studies within Mohawk following completion of this program. * 

This Pathways map shows how the identified program can lead to future program choices within Mohawk.

View internal pathways map larger

Pathways beyond Mohawk

See for additional opportunities at other colleges or universities in Ontario.

Search the Mohawk Transfer Database for opportunities outside of Ontario.

Additional Information

Students attending this program come from a variety of health disciplines and may have similar long term plans to transition or bridge to a designated health care profession while considering settlement in Canada. This program does not offer employment, nor immigration advice, as this is outside the scope of our role as an institution.

Career Planning:

Practical elements of career planning will be covered in this program as most health professionals will not be able to work in their area of specialization until they get their credentials recognized and obtain Permanent Resident status. As a result, many students will be seeking jobs to support their goals as they work towards employment in the health sector.  If immigration is an objective, we suggest you contact a registered ICCRC immigration consultant for advice.​

Credential Recognition

Most health care professions require credential recognition. You will need your credentials assessed for Canadian equivalency by the various health care regulatory bodies in Canada. All health care professions have their own rules and regulations to practice in Canada and you will require a methodical approach to ensuring your credentials meet the requirements. Many professions are government regulated and your credentials will have to be recognized by the provincial and national bodies governing your area of practice. Often this will require additional coursework and qualifying exams to verify equivalency and obtain regulatory licence in Canada. Some of these courses are on-line and may be pursued concurrently. Some of these rules are changing and will require further research and investigation. Our program can help you develop an individualized transition plan to become a regulated health professional in Canada.


Understanding how to access web based health resources and various health software interfacing is a necessary skill set in today’s health setting.

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