Academic Status Update - Compulsory Withdrawal

As you may know, students need a grade point average of at least 60% in order to be in good academic standing at Mohawk College. Because your academic performance last term did not meet this standard, your current academic standing is compulsory withdrawal. This means that you are not currently eligible to progress to the next semester of your program. However, we are committed to helping you get back on track academically. We have outlined some options for you below.

We understand that success does not always follow a predictable path. We also know that college students have complicated lives, and personal, financial, health and family reasons may have had an impact on your academics. With that in mind, we have a variety of services designed to support students in the compulsory withdrawal process, including the Keys to Success and Rebound programs starting up next semester, as well as other support services such as tutoring or counselling.

Many students go through the compulsory withdrawal process each year and many continue on to have a successful career at Mohawk. We encourage you to read the stories below about other students' experiences with academic standing. We are confident that you can be successful too. We will help you every step of the way.

Here are two options you can pursue:

Option 1: Select a new program - Visit The Square or International Square at Fennell to explore your options:

  • To register in a new program, or re-start your program, speak with an Admissions Advisor. If you are an international student, please visit the International Square in J137 to meet with an Advisor.
  • To explore new career options matched to another Mohawk program, speak with a career coach.
  • For OSAP questions, please see a Financial Assistance Advisor.

Option 2: Request to continue in your program - Contact your Program Coordinator to:

  • Review your Compulsory Withdrawal status and try to continue in your program. Before doing this, please review the academic standing and appeals policies.
  • Pick up missed courses from earlier semesters (if offered and available). You may also want to consider trying to register for any missed or failed courses through Continuing Education, if available.

*If you have already been accepted or registered in a new program, we wish you all the best.

We are eager to help you succeed. We look forward to working with you.

Mohawk College Staff & Faculty

More information about academic standing and appeals policies can be found here.

Students' Experiences in Compulsory Withdrawal

These stories reflect common experiences that many students report having in the academic standing process at Mohawk.

"My first year at Mohawk, I was so busy with class, work, and family responsibilities. My grades tanked. Still, the compulsory withdrawal letter was a shock. I didn’t realize I had let my grades get so out of hand that I wouldn’t be able to continue in my program. I was ashamed and embarrassed. How did I let this happen? After talking with my Program Coordinator, though, I felt a little better. Eventually, I saw that compulsory withdrawal is Mohawk’s way of making sure that everyone is doing okay. The experience increased my awareness of policies and expectations, but it also connected me with mentors who helped me figure out what to do next. Now, graduation is around the corner, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished at Mohawk."

"A few semesters ago, I was struggling with some mental health issues. I felt like I was barely holding it together. I couldn't focus on my studies, so it didn't come as a surprise that I didn't make good academic standing. Finally, I admitted that I didn't know how to deal with everything, and I reached out for some guidance from people around me including a counsellor and one of my friends. They helped me learn how to manage my mental health issues better—to take care of myself and get support when I need it. I'm doing better mentally and academically now and I've learned how to get through stress and hard times more effectively when they come up."

"I love Mohawk—the experiences I’ve had, what I’ve learned, and the people I’ve met. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. But a while back, I made some poor choices and my grades suffered. Things were compounded by some challenges at home. At first I ignored the problems. I hoped they would just go away. Of course they didn’t. Not getting promoted with good standing was really hard for me because I knew I could do better. So, I set up a meeting with my student success advisor. He clearly understood people sometimes make mistakes but can learn from what happened and improve and grow. We strategized and made a plan. To be honest, it’s been tough. But I’ve done it. And that gives me confidence that I can handle whatever other challenges the future holds for me."