Content Peer Tutor Job Description

Position Summary

Nature and Scope

Mohawk College Peer Tutors are upper semester students with a strong grasp on the subject matter in their program. The primary objective of the Peer Tutor is to facilitate the learning process of others by building and refining a student’s knowledge through question and conversation. Peer Tutors may be asked to participate in one or all of the following types of tutoring: one-to-one, drop-in, multi-student tutor sessions, peer assisted learning groups, open lab monitoring. All Peer Tutor activities must take place on campus.

Contract Period

From the first day of classes to the last day of classes in a given semester.

Please note: Paid Peer Tutor Training is mandatory for all hired tutors and is scheduled prior to the semester beginning.


Peer Tutors are compensated at a rate of $14.00 per hour plus 4% in lieu of vacation. Peer Tutors may work a maximum of 15 hours per week (hours are not guaranteed and number of hours per week may change subject to demand). Peer Tutors are expected to complete bi-weekly pay records through the Mohawk College Web Entry system. Pay is deposited bi-weekly via direct deposit.

Academics and Time Commitment

Peer Tutors can make available up to 15 hours a week for Tutor activities (actual number may vary, subject to demand). All Peer Tutors are students first and are therefore expected to model positive academic habits and maintain a strong GPA (85%) throughout the duration of their employment. Peer Tutors are expected to give the responsibilities of the position priority over all other college activities except those which pertain to his/her academic success.

Qualifications and Conditions of Employment

  • Must be currently enrolled in a Mohawk College program
  • A Minimum Grade Point Average of 85% prior to and during the contract term
  • Reference from Mohawk College instructor of staff member
  • Attend all necessary training
  • Maintain confidentiality and establish a supportive relationship with the tutee.
  • Able to tutor a wide variety of subjects from program of study.  Preference will be give to those applicants who can tutor the widest variety of courses (some exceptions apply).
  • Check daily online scheduling system and Mohawk College email for appointment and program notifications
  • Use listening and assessment skills to determine a students preferred learning style.
  • Help students identify achievable study objectives
  • Refer students to appropriate services if problems identified are not academic; i.e. Counselling, Financial Assistance, Accessible Learning Services, Student Success Advisor, etc.
  • Assist and participate with outreach to promote services to students on campus, i.e. class visits, communication with faculty in program area, etc.
  • Participate in evaluation activities related to Mohawk College Peer Tutor Program
  • Prior to the commencement of the term of the contract, each peer tutor candidate must complete the following:
    • Attend mandatory training session
    • Completion and submission of all required paperwork

Apply for a Position

If you are interested in becoming a Mohawk College Peer Tutor for the current academic year please fill out an application form.

Note that applications are kept on file for one academic year.