Board of Governors’ Student Governor

2018-19 Mohawk College Board of Governors' Student Representative Election

Turnout: 707 (3.5%) of 20452 electors voted in this ballot.


Tyler Lodder - 323 (50.3%)
Lauren Stephen - 319 (49.7%)



Total: 707

Abstain: 65 (9.2%)



Tyler Lodder - Business Administration

Headshot of Tyler Lodder

My name is Tyler Lodder, I am 26 years old and currently finishing my 4th semester in the business administration program.


I am running for student governor because of how highly I value College education. I would be honoured to serve as a voice for students by ensuring that Mohawk College provides and maintains excellence in education, services, and facilities.


In May 2017 I applied to work in the student life department. This role has put me in direct contact with students by running events, providing volunteer opportunities, and generally problem solving with students. I believe that this role has enhanced my ability to understand what students’ needs are, along with an understanding what it takes to advocate for students school wide.


If elected, I will be able to offer meaningful input on behalf of our diverse population of students. I also believe that through my business program, I have developed a skill set that will help me evaluate the mission, vision, and values of the college with clarity and precision. I believe that I have what it takes to assess strategic planning, and will offer insightful opinions on decisions that affect students in the long term.


I’m an approachable guy, and I will highly value student feedback throughout my term. If elected, my ultimate goal as student governor would be to help steer the College down a path that will provide students with an exemplary education, and a valuable college experience.

Lauren Stephen - Software Development

Headshot of Lauren Stephen

I’m Lauren Stephen, a 5th semester Software student running for the student seat on the Mohawk Board of Governors.


The Board of Governors is the highest authority at the college. It sets strategic direction, determines performance metrics, and reports to the Ontario Government. As Student Governor, I would be the lone student voice on a board of nearly 20 people made up of representatives from faculty, administration, support staff, and local community leaders.


Professors in my program say that Mohawk students are, if anything, more talented than students at nearby colleges. But co-op placement rates - and employment rates after graduation - are lower for some key programs. If Mohawk students are stronger, but are being employed at a lower rate, that’s something we must address as an institution.


The KPI Graduate Survey reveals that employers are somewhat less satisfied with the education Mohawk graduates have received than the Ontario college average. I’d like to see a bigger role for the Centre for Teaching and Learning so professors have the skills they need to be great teachers.


I believe we can have greater consistency in how material is organized on eLearn. You shouldn’t have to wonder where to find that important assignment you know is due soon. You shouldn’t have to look in two places because the rubric is separate from the assignment description. I propose Mohawk develop a set of standards so that eLearn content is organized in a more student-friendly way.


Thank you for reading this! Please consider voting Lauren for Student Governor.



Nominations for the student Board of Governors position open on March 15, 2018.

Nomination packages and information are available at Student Engagement Offices at Fennell, IAHS and Stoney Creek.

Nominations for this Position will close on March 21, 2018.

Check out the 2018 Candidate Package (downloads document, 300kb)

Learn more about the Board of Governors.


All nominees must be students in good standing and:

  • Enrolled in a diploma/degree program which has been approved as a post secondary program; or
  • Enrolled in a course (s) in an approved continuing education program leading to a diploma or certificate of the college; or
  • Enrolled in an approved adult training or apprenticeship programs.

The Student Governor must be a registered student in one of the above- mentioned programs/courses as of September 1, 2018 and throughout his/her term unless he/she graduates during the term.

In addition, candidates for nomination should possess the customary generic board skills to participate in policy formation, debate and discuss issues openly and fairly, to determine strategic direction and set goals, to allocate scarce resources to competing demands, to monitor operations and performance, to assess projects and proposals, to critique and improve the Board’s effectiveness, and to contribute ideas and suggestions etc.

Candidates may only hold one position in the MSA or Board of Governors.


Responsibilities include establishing governance structures, setting the college vision, strategic directions and overall goals, hiring and delegating accountability to the President, approving the College's annual business plan, budget and annual report, assessing the effectiveness of the board and ensuring the appropriate corrective action is taken where expected outcomes or quality of performance is not being achieved.

Contact Michelle Ball at michelle.ball [at] or 905-575-2074 for more information.