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Counselling at Mohawk

We offer academic, personal, career, Indigenous and Intercultural counselling.

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Wellness 4U

Our health promotion team is dedicated to educating you about strategies for maintaining your well-being as a student.

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Accessible Learning Services

We are here to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to achieve their educational goals.

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Health Centre

Our multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals allows for a thorough, holistic and individualized experience.

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Wellness Initiatives

Find out more about wellness related events and initiatives happening at Mohawk College.

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Mental Health In Motion

Inspiring and motivating the Mohawk College Community to talk about mental health and mental illness and break down the stigma.

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Community of Consent

At Mohawk College, we're committed to maintaining the health, safety and well-being of each student, faculty, staff and community member by ending sexualized violence at Mohawk College.

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