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Medical and wellness services for students, staff, and community

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Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Support

Mohawk College is committed to maintaining the safety and well-being of all students, employees, governors, and members of the College community.

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Our professional and registered counsellors offer the support and skill development you need to meet your academic, career and personal goals.

  • Do you need help with school?
  • Not sure you’re on the right career path?
  • Feel like you’re not fitting in here at Mohawk?
  • Struggling with friends or family?

Don't wait for a crisis? Let's talk now!

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Wellness4U is your go-to resource for student wellness.  Here you’ll find:

  • Find preventative and emergent healthcare support
  • How to schedule clinic and physician’s appointments
  • Health and wellness information and promotional activities
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Urgent Support

For information on Inclusion visit Inclusiveness.

If you identify as Indigenous and would like information specific to your situation, please visit Indigenous Student Services.