Wellness 4U

We've got what you need to take care of yourself

Students across all Mohawk campuses can visit Wellness4U to access a variety of supportive services offered by a diverse team of health nurse promoters. Our services are free and confidential.


What is student wellness?
At Wellness 4U we’re dedicated to your wellness, but what does that mean? We’re here to provide you with the information, tools, skills and resources you need to take care of your body and your mind so that you can thrive here at Mohawk.


Looking for ways to avoid the flu? Feeling tired? Want to lose weight? Concerned about sexual health? Want to quit smoking? We can help. Explore our general wellness resources to learn more.


General Wellness Resources

GOOD 2 TALK Post-Secondary Student Helpline
Call 1-866-925-5454, available 24/7/365.

Student Health 101 Newsletter
View the current issue (opens new window)

Need to See a Doctor?
Visit the Health Centre for more information about booking a doctor’s appointment.

We have put together a list of walk-in and after-hour clinics in the area.