1985-1986 Men’s Volleyball Team

Year Inducted

Under the direction of Coach Darin Gricnik, the 1985-1986 Men’s Volleyball Team finished the season with eight wins and two losses. To cap off their season at the OCAA Championship, this team won all sets 2-0 bringing home the gold medal. Advancing to the CCAA nationals in Burnaby, B.C., they finished top in their pool and finished fourth.

The team also won gold both at the Cambrian and Centennial Invitational tournaments, and in a highlight to their season, defeated McMaster in the semifinals match 2-0 (15-1 and 15-6) to take gold at the Mohawk Invitational that year.

Members of the 1985-1986 team: Tom Drynan, Wayne Felker, Bruce Greenwood, Boris Kolunszic, Rob Szabo, Rennie Wellington, Mike Dunn, Michel Fortin, Rudy Jambrosic, Paul Miller, George Rakas, Mark Wu, Coach Darin Gricnik, and Manager Dubrauko Krbavac.