The library charges fines to encourage users to return items on time. Fines are calculated for each day the library is open.

Fine Rates

  • 14 day loans - 50 cents per day per item
  • Reserve items (1 & 2 hour loans) - $1.00 per hour per item
  • Reserve items (Overnight & 3 day loans) - $5.00 per day per item
  • Laptops, Chromebooks, mice, chargers, webcams and calculators (4 hour loans) - $5.00 per hour per item
  • Bike loans - $1.00 per day

Viewing Fines

To view your fines:

  1. Log into your library account
  2. In the Account Summary screen click on "Fines"

example of viewing fines in your library account

Paying Fines

There are two options to choose from when paying library fines. You can pay in person at the customer service desk at any library location using cash or funds from your ONE Card or you can pay online with a credit card.

Credit Card Payments

Fines can be paid online with a credit card (Mastercard or Visa) through MyMohawk. Please note that it will take 2 business days to process a payment and remove a hold from your account.

  1. Log into MyMohawk
  2. Choose "Student Finances" from the menu
  3. Under Make a payment, click the "Pay online" link
  4. Click the "Make Payment" button
  5. Enter the requested information and click the "Pay" button
  6. Email the library or call 905.575.1212 ext.5038 to notify us of your payment

When sending payment notifications by email, please be sure to include your full name and student number in the body of your email.

Overdue Fines

A hold will be placed on your Library account and your Mohawk College account preventing you from borrowing library material, registering for courses, receiving grades, and requesting transcripts if:

  • Library materials have not been returned
  • fines total $10.00 or more
  • fines have not been paid on an item which is overdue by 2 weeks or more
  • billed for items
The hold will be removed once the fine is paid in full.