Items on Reserve

Reserve items are books and videos that instructors have put aside for student use. These items are kept at the customer service desk in the library and typically have a checkout period of 2 hours. To check out reserve items, give staff at the desk the title of the item you need or the instructor's name and they will retrieve the item for you. Three reserve items may be borrowed at one time. Because reserve items are in high demand, you cannot place holds on them.

Not sure what materials your instructor has put on reserve?

You can search the library catalogue to find out what materials your instructor has put on reserve. Go to the library catalogue and type the instructors name, course ID or course name into the search box.

If you aren't sure of the name of your instructor, you can search for the item by title. Go to the library catalogue, select “title” from the drop-down menu and enter some words you think might be in the title. (You don't need to know the exact title.) For more help on searching the catalogue, see How to find books.

Viewing Search Results

After performing a search, click on an item's title for more information. Once in the item record, look for the "Reserves Info" section for information about where to find the item and the length of the loan period.

example of how to identify a reserve item in the catalogue

Are you an instructor who needs to put an item on reserve?

If you would like to make a resource available to your students, complete and print out a Reserve Request Form. Bring the form and your items to the customer service desk at any library location and we will place them on the Reserves shelf.

Reserve Request Form