Academic Honesty

Mohawk Library Plagiarism Guide
Features a list of resources, news items and tutorials on how to prevent plagiarism.

APA Guide
Help with basic citations, includes guidelines on formatting your essays and research papers.

Mohawk College's Academic Honesty Policy (PDF)
This policy protects academic integrity and the rights of all students. It clearly outlines dishonest academic practices, and the penalties to be imposed for such behaviour.

Turnitin is software that allows you to submit your paper to the Turnitin research paper repository to ensure you have not inadvertently plagiarized. After submitting your paper to Turnitin, you will receive a "similarity report" which indicates any parts of your paper that match other papers in the Turnitin database.

Video: Plagiarism Common Craft | 2 minutes, 31 seconds]*

common craft video plagiarism

Video: Plagiarism: What it is and how to avoid it [Source: LinkedIn Learning | 2 minutes, 24 seconds]*

link to LinkedIn Learning video on plagiarism

*Mohawk College has a license for the use of Common Craft and LinkedIn Learning. When accessing LinkedIn Learning, log in with your 9-digit student/staff ID number and the password you currently use for eLearn and Webmail.