How to Find Books

Search from the Homepage

On the library homepage, enter your search terms into the Search All Collections box or click the "Books & More" radio button to search only the library catalogue.

example of a book search from the library homepage

Search from the Library Catalogue

Go to the library catalogue and enter your terms into search box. If you are looking for a particular title or author, use the dropdown menu and select "Title" or "Author" from the list. From the "All Formats" dropdown, select the "Books & eBooks" option and click search.

example of a search for books from the library catalogue

Search Strategies

If you have two or more search words and you need to find both words, you do not need to separate the words with "and" as "and" is assumed. For example, you would enter "stress students" not "stress and students" to find information about student stress. If you need to find both words together, for example, global warming, put quotation marks around the two words "global warming". Need to exclude a term? Use a minus sign which stands for "not". For example, students -college.

Results List

The items that the Library owns are listed. Click the item's title to view more information.

example of a results list from the library catalogue

Look at the location and call number to find out where the item is located. Be sure to check the "status" to make sure the item is available and not out on loan. Record the call number so that you can find the item on the shelf.