How to Find eBooks

The majority of our eBooks are available in our online databases. No login is required to access eBooks on campus. If you are off-campus, you will need to log in with your 9-digit student/staff ID number and the password you currently use for eLearn and Webmail. Full details can be found on the Off-Campus Access page.

Find eBooks in the eBook Databases

Many of our eBook collections allow you to search just as you would in a search engine. Go to the eBook Databases page and choose a database from the list. The example below is what the search screen looks like in the EBSCOhost eBooks Database.

example search for eBooks in the Ebscohost database

After you perform a search, your results will appear. Each result is a link to an online book. You can access individual book pages, chapters or sections. To read an eBook online, click the PDF Full Text or EPUB Full Text link. To read the eBook offline, download it to your computer or mobile device by clicking the Download (Offline) link. If you need help with downloading eBooks, visit our EBSCOhost Downloading Guide.

example of PDF and HTML links to eBook in Ebscohost

Find eBooks in the Catalogue

eBooks are listed in the library catalogue. To search the library catalogue, enter your search words in the search box. Both print and eBooks will be listed in your results. eBooks are indicated by the words Electronic resource and the link "Click here to read this eBook."

example of how to access an ebook from catalogue search results

Audiobook Databases

Audiobooks are available for you to download online and listen to using your computer or virtually any portable audio device. To download and listen to Audiobooks, you will prompted to create a free account. This account allows you to access the library's collection of Audiobooks online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To browse the collection, see our EBSCOhost Audiobooks database. If you need help with downloading Audiobooks, visit our EBSCOhost Downloading Guide.

Free eBooks

There are a variety of free eBook collections on the Internet. Here is a partial list:

Google Books
Access thousands of public domain books in their entirety and copyrighted books in preview as well as magazines and journals.

Project Gutenburg
Project Gutenburg provides access to thousands of eBooks. These works are in the public domain and the bulk of the titles are fiction classics.
Bartleby contains access to thousands of eBooks organized by genre such as reference, fiction, nonfiction, and verse. These books cannot be downloaded and can only be read online.