How to Find Journals and Magazines

The majority of our journals/magazines are available in our online databases. No login is required to access online journals/magazines on campus. If you are off-campus, you will need to log in with your 9-digit student/staff ID number and the password you currently use for eLearn and Webmail. Full details can be found on the Off-Campus Access page.

Steps to Find Articles

  • Go to the list of databases
  • Select "Magazine & Journal Articles" from the dropdown menu

example of using the drop down menu to select a database type

  • Select a database from the list

example of selecting a database

The databases allow you to search for journal or magazine articles just as you would in a search engine. Below is an example of a search in the EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier database.

  • Type your topic into the search box

example of the search box in an Ebscohhost database

  • On the results page, under "Source Types" tick off the type of source you want your results list to display
  • To read an article, just click on the title

example of an Ebscohost results list with limiters

Steps to Find Peer-Reviewed Articles

Peer-reviewed articles have been reviewed by a panel of experts in the field in which the article was written. Many academic journals require that articles be peer-reviewed before they are published. To find peer-reviewed articles, follow the same steps as above but also check off the peer-reviewed checkbox on the search page. Different databases providers show this checkbox in different areas of the page. Here are screenshots of the peer-reviewed checkbox in databases from EBSCOhost and ProQuest.

Peer-reviewed checkbox in the Academic Search Premier database from EBSCOhost:

example of limiting to scholarly journals in Ebscohost databases

Peer-reviewed checkbox in the CBCA database from ProQuest:

example of limiting to scholarly journals in ProQuest databases