How to Find Journals by Title

Do you have a reading list with references to lots of journal articles? The eJournal Portal can help. Here is how to find those articles in electronic format using the eJournal Portal.

Step 1

First, navigate to the eJournal Portal. Type the name of the journal you are looking for e.g. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, into the search box and click “Search”. Note that as you type, suggestions of titles available will appear. Select a title from the list.

example of searching for a journal by title in the eJournal Portal

Step 2

The result list will display a search box so that you can begin searching in that journal for articles as well as a link to the database where you can find the full-text of the journal. Note the dates of the issues that are available highlighted in yellow in the image below. Type a term into the search box to start searching or click the Full Text Access link to see which databases have the full-text of the journal.

example of how to search within a journal

Step 3

If you clicked on the database link, you will be taken to a page that provides information about the journal you selected. In Academic Search Premier, you will find a list of the years for which the journal articles are available in full text. Select the publication year of interest. Links to all of the issues published that year will then appear. Other sources present this information slightly differently.

example of selecting a publication year for a journal

If instead you entered search terms into the search box, you will see a list of articles that contain your search terms.

Step 4

Your results will display a list of articles related to your search term or from the journal issue you selected. Click the Full Text link to view the article.

example of opening a PDF Full Text link

Step 5

You can read the article online or print, save or email it.

example of downloading, saving, printing and email options