How to use Full Text Finder

The Full Text Finder links you from an abstract in one database to the full-text in another database so that you can access an article you need right away online. After using the "Search All Collections" tool, you may see the Full Text Finder link under some of the articles in the result list.

Step 1

Once you've completed a search in a database, you may see "Full Text Finder" icon and link under an article you would like.

Full Text Finder link appears under a search result when you search all collections

Step 2

Click the "Full Text Finder" link and you will see one or more options for accessing the article.

link to the full-text under the journal title on the Full Text Finder screen

Step 3

Click the link to be taken to the full-text of the article. In some cases, the link will lead to the issue of the journal and you may need to navigate to the particular article you require.