student receiving assistance at photocopier

The Cummings Library, Collaboratory, Stoney Creek and iWing TECH BAR & Collaboratory locations have all-in-one machines that print, photocopy and scan. Payment can be made with your ONE Card or a Mohawk College Gift Card. Printing fees are the same regardless of paper size but differ depending on whether you print single or double sided. You can also use the Web Print Service which allows you to print directly from your laptop to any printer on campus.

Printing Fees

Print, Copy and Scan fees regardless of paper size:

  • Single: 15¢
  • Two-sided: 20¢
  • Colour Single: 30¢
  • Colour Two-sided: 50¢
  • Scanning: 5¢

Add funds to your ONE Card at the following locations:

  • Online at the One Card website (Debit, Credit)
  • Fennell Campus Store, Room C104 (Debit, Credit, Cash)
  • ONE Card Office, Room i130 (Debit, Credit)
  • Campus Store Express, Room C120 (Debit, Credit)
  • Stoney Creek Campus Store, Room A120 (Debit, Credit, Cash)

Note: Funds can only be added using the online option at the IAHS Campus.

Web Printing (Printing from laptops)

Web Printing is available at all campuses. You can print from personal laptops and from the laptops and Chromebooks that are borrowed from the Library TECH BARs.

Web Print Tips

  • If you have images in your document, you must save the document in PDF format before you can print
  • Single sided printing is not available at this time
  • Only entire documents can be printed, not specific pages
  • The printer detects color images and will print as such. If you do not want your images printed in color, you must save them in black and white
  • Printing is not available from an iPhone/iPad

How To/Guides...

Printing Copyright Guidelines

Under our Access Copyright license, you may photocopy:

  • Up to 10% of a published work.
  • An entire essay, poem, play, article or short story.
  • An entire newspaper article or page.
  • One chapter provided it is 20% or less of an entire book.
  • An entire reproduction of an artistic work from a book or entry from a reference work.
  • Into a digital format for personal use ONLY.

For more information, visit the Access Copyright website.

For information about the college's policy with regard to plagiarism and copying, see the College Academic Honesty Policy (PDF).