Desktop Applications

Continuing Education offers a selection of stand-alone courses each term that do not lead to a credential.

NOTE: This list is for the entire Fall 2021 term.

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Additional Microsoft Office Suite courses are offered under the Business Computer Applications Certificate.

Internet Essentials – COMP10105

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Learn the essential skills for mastering the various internet browsers, email and other features of the internet. 42 hours.

Introduction to Computers 2 – COMP10195

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Learn more advanced and related skills in constructing spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel, developing presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint and creating, maintaining and publishing a database using Microsoft Access. Prerequisite: COMP10136. 42 hours.

Microsoft Office for Health Care Professionals – BUSN10262

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You will acquire skills using a variety of operations found in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and develop keyboarding skills (min. 35 wpm), through hands-on experience and assignments. 45 hours.

PowerPoint 101 – COMP10197

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Learn to use MS PowerPoint for Windows including pull-down menus, toolbars and dialogue boxes. Create colourful graphics and text slides, along with reports, for your projects and presentations. Mac users are not supported. Equivalent to: INFO10082. 30 hours.

Productivity Software Skills – INFO10268

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Navigate the Windows operating system and create documents using Microsoft Word, Excel and Access. Manage files and folders; format a Word document; create and manipulate data, formulas and charts in Excel; and manage a database in Access.

Workshop For Windows – INFOBW001

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Explore the Windows environment. Learn basic skills including: managing the desktop, files and folders, Internet Explorer and more. Textbook required. Non-credit for the novice computer user.