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Holistic Studies provides students with an introduction to the philosophy and practices of holistic health. Gain a foundational understanding of the mind, body and spirit connection that is instrumental in health and healing by examining physical, mental and spiritual dimensions, as well as bio-energetic and socio-cultural factors. Various modalities of complementary and alternative therapies and lifestyle management techniques that promote self-healing, will be explored in a comprehensive, educational, self-explorative environment to learn the art and science of integrative health.

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  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent (Mohawk Academic Upgrading, GED) OR 19 years of age or older.

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Mandatory Courses

Course Number Course Name Course Description Hours Delivery
HLTH10225 Mind, Body, Spirit: The Connection Help to identify the patterns of an individual’s life and the deep inter-workings of body, mind and spirit. Engage in activities and dialogue about issues pertaining to mental health and psychology. Discover the connection between physical disease and emotional, psychological and spiritual links. Make these connections in the context of the anatomy of the human energy system, and individual spirit, while creating a blueprint for optimal connection for maximal health and wellness potential. 42 In Class
HLTH10226 Stress Response and the Immune System Examine stress and its sources. Covers the psychological, physiological and biochemical response that occurs in the body which impacts overall health. Acute and chronic stress will be explored as well as coping strategies and techniques including meditation, biofeedback, yoga, and other holistic practices. 42 In Class
HLTH10227 Cultural Studies Look at cultural views, practices and beliefs pertaining to life, health and spiritualism. Study different cultures to enhance cultural competency and ethnic factors contributing to health. Explore cultural practices that impact health including diet, activity, spirituality, geography and lifestyle habits both historically and in the present day. Theories and practices when working with race, ethnicity, gender and social issues are reviewed. 42 In Class
HLTH10228 Alternative Healing Methods Discover the complementary, alternative medicine (CAM) and healing practices that are used in combination with conventional medicine and treatment. Understand the five categories of CAM including: alternative medicinal systems, manipulative therapies, mind-body interventions, biological based treatments and energy therapies. 42 In Class