Air Brake Training

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The Ontario Ministry of Transportation requires all drivers of air brake equipped vehicles to have the ‘Z’ Air Brake Endorsement on their current license classification. Mohawk College is authorized by the Ministry to conduct Air Brake training.

Students will learn:

  • The airbrake system and components
  • The importance of proper inspection of airbrake equipped vehicles
  • Provincial and Federal requirements related to drivers, operators and manufacters

At the end of the 12 hour training program, students will complete a written and practical test. Upon successful completion of both, the student will be provided with the documentation to take to a Drive Test Examination Centre and have the Z endorsement added to their license.


NOTE: The "Z" endorsement will apply only to your current ONTARIO licence classification. Once you have successfully completed the endorsement course, you must report to a DriveTest Centre within 6 months to add the Z endorsement to your licence.

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Minimum requirement is full class “G” license (Ontario).

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