Stoney Creek Campus for Skilled Trades (SC)

481 Barton Street
Stoney Creek
L8E 2L7
stoney creek campus

About Stoney Creek Campus 

Mohawk's Stoney Creek Campus for Skilled Trades is the home of the Marshall School of Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship. 

With top technology and professional facilities for skilled trades, Mohawk grads are in high demand. Our well-prepared apprentices choose from a lineup of eager industry employers. 

At Mohawk College, you’ll obtain job-ready training and in-school education to step into tomorrow’s workforce. 

Apprentices are in great demand in a highly competitive global market that has to meet the challenges of today’s technology. Mohawk annually serves 2,400 apprenticeship students and is one of the largest trainers of apprentices in Ontario. 

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How to access campus 

Access to campus is restricted to students who are required to be on campus for in-person training, and employees who are required for the delivery of academic programs or campus services. Please visit the Campus Access page for more information. 


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481 Barton Street
Stoney Creek
L8E 2L7