Continuing Education Workshops

Continuing Education offers a variety of workshops! They are designed to develop/enhance your skills in a specific area. Invest 10 hours, or less, of your time and learn something new.



Start with an introductory workshop and continue on to enhance your skills through this series of workshops.  You may also be interested in the Business Computer Applications Certificate.

Introduction to Excel


Always wanted to know what Excel is all about? Discover the world of spreadsheeting with Excel 2013.


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Excel Working with Formulas


Automate your worksheets in Excel 2013 through the use of absolute referencing, formulas, and built in functions.  Includes: average, minimum, maximum, count,  date, if scenarios.


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Excel Linking Multiple Worksheets & Workbooks


Explore advanced Excel 2013 features such as working with multiple worksheets and workbooks, creating/deleting worksheets, creating a formula that links more than one worksheet and or workbook.


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Excel Working with Charts


Explore creating a graphical view of your worksheet data using the Excel 2013 Chart feature.


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Creative and Visual Arts

Explore your creative side by completing one of these workshops! We also offer a variety of full length courses under our Visual Arts Certificates.

Basic Sewing 1


Develop skills in pattern reading, preparing the fabric, measuring, marking, pressing and machine sewing as you make a pair of elasticized shorts or pants. Patterns and fabric suggested.


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Basic Sewing 2


Develop new skills in measuring, easy set in sleeves, facings, interfacings and finishing details by making a simple collarless shirt or top. Patterns and fabric suggested.


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Basic Sewing 3


Continue to develop sewing skills by constructing a sleeveless or semi-fitted dress with set in sleeves and explore new techniques for zippers, easy fitting, hem and neck finishing. Patterns and fabric suggested.


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Ceramics Studio Time


New Icon.jpg Come and work on developing your skills in time to get work ready for the holidays. Most work will be fired in time for the holidays. Prerequisite: Ceramics Beginners.


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Christmas Bells


New Icon.jpg Discover hand building with clay while creating a Christmas Bell. Pieces will be fired and ready for pick up one week after the class.


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Christmas Ornament


New Icon.jpg Discover hand building with clay while creating a Christmas ball. Pieces will be fired and ready for pick up one week after the class.


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Drawing for Comics & Graphic Novels


New Icon.jpg Discover the drawing techniques related to the genres of comics and graphic novels. Open to all drawing levels.


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Electric Kilns 101


If you’ve ever wondered about owning and firing your own kiln, this workshop is for you. Covers: purchasing new and/or used equipment, setup, loading, firing, maintenance.


Coming in Spring 2017!

Figure Drawing


Emphasis on individual instruction, gesture, contour drawing, form, value, basic anatomy and proportion. Suitable for beginners and the developing artist interested in the act of seeing and the process of drawing from the nude model. Model fee included.


Coming in Spring 2017!

Holiday Makeup Workshop


New Icon.jpg Make yourself look glamorous this Holiday Season with some quick makeup tips and trends.


Coming in Fall 2017!



New Icon.jpg Concentrate on the basics of this popular fashion craft and learn new techniques and stitches while completing a project of your choice.


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Let's make a Bowl CERA10008

New Icon.jpg Discover simple wheel techniques and finish the evening by making a bowl. Pieces will be fired and ready for pick up one week after class.


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Quilting - Basic Introduction


New Icon.jpg Discover how easy machine quilting is! Learn fabric and colour selection, rotary cutting, battings and finishing tips. Excellent for the novice or as a refresher before tackling a project. Complete samples. Kit available. Basic sewing knowledge required.


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Sculpture: Form, Shape & Scale


New Icon.jpg Explore sculpture via form shape and scale using simple materials - which can sometimes result in monumental work! Experiment with both the additive and subtractive ways of sculpting. Work with different materials, methods and tools and discover the complexity of working in three dimensions.


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Sewing - Introduction


Tackle a simple project and gain basic skills in operating a sewing machine. A great stepping stone for future participation in other sewing courses and the Dressmaking Certificate program.


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Watercolour En Plein Air


Using watercolours/field sketches, you sharpen your powers of observation to capture the atmosphere, light, colour and imagery of landscapes. All skill levels.


Coming in Fall 2017!

Weekend Boot Camp-Wheel Throwing


Throw faster, larger, more consistently. Come throw for a whole weekend and hone your skills before the start of the term. Bring your own clay or buy from the studio. Work will not be kept/fired at Mohawk.


Coming in Fall 2017!



Try these floral workshops and go home with a creation that enhances your home decor! More in-depth skills can be obtained through the courses offered under the Floral Techniques - Basic Certificate.

Centerpiece for Thanksgiving


Create a colourful and stunning table piece using the rich tones of fall. Use a variety of fresh flowers and finish the arrangement with additional touches of fruits and accessories. Materials included.


Coming in Fall 2017!

Christmas Centrepiece-Fresh Flowers


Create an eye-catching arrangement for your holiday celebrations using a selection of fresh flowers and fragrant evergreens. Add interesting accents for that special touch. Materials included.


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Christmas Floral Workshop


Decorate this Christmas with lovely florals that you created yourself! Craft three exciting traditional and contemporary arrangements that will enhance your holiday decor and impress family and friends. Materials included.


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Easter Blooms


Create a colourful table arrangement in spring colours for your Easter entertaining. Follow easy instructions using a variety of fresh flowers and greens. Supply list outlines a selection of ideas. Kit available for purchase.


Coming in Spring 2017!

Easy Flower Arranging


Try your hand at arranging and consider pursuing courses in the Floral Techniques program. Using fresh flowers and greens, create at least 4 simple projects using budget wise containers and accessories. Get tips on care and handling. Materials included.


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Traditional Christmas Urn


Create a stunning effect with this seasonal urn insert that can be used indoors or out. This eye-catching piece combines greens, branches, berries and more. Put your own twist on it to enhance your decorating for the holiday season. Materials included.


Coming in Fall 2017!


Food and Drink

We invite you to join us in these workshops exploring various foods and drinks! Consider expanding your knowledge by completing courses from one of our programs:  Cake Decorating, Culinary Skills - Introduction, Professional Bartending, Tea Sommelier.

Bread - Bake it at Home

CULI10059 New Icon.jpg Learn to bake wheat based yeast breads at home using a variety of grains and seeds without additives or preservatives. Taste the difference!


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Brewing History


New Icon.jpg Investigate the relationship that beer has had with humanity from the dawn of history to present day in this 42 hour online course. Explore the mystery of fermentation, beer's central role in the development of ancient civilization, the move from medieval kitchens to commercial breweries, how beer shaped the New World, the link between location and style, the development of a global beer, and the current beer revolution.


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Chocolate History


New Icon.jpg Survey the 4000 year old history of chocolate in this 42 hour online course. From its ancient Mesoamerican origins, as a bitter drink of ritual and medicine, to the growth of a modern "chocolate culture" and its place as a mass-produced globalized product of the twentieth century. Investigate how chocolate became imported to Europe by the Spanish during the sixteenth century and transformed into a sugary drink of the nobility, as well as its later importance to colonization, the slave trade and the Industrial Revolution.


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Christmas around the world


New Icon.jpg Travel the world by cooking hands on recipes from 6 countries!  We will highlight special holiday dishes from India, Great Britain, Mexico, Scotland and more.


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Crockpot: Autumn Harvest


With the guidance of an experienced chef learn to prepare crock meals of sweet potatoes, gingered carrots, wild rice stuffed turkey breasts and cherry cobbler.


Coming in Fall 2017!

Discovering Tea


Here's a perfect introduction for all - from the casually curious to the prospective tea taster. Sip a few healthy and tasty varieties of tea and discover the diversity of aromas and flavours.


Coming in Spring 2017!


Holiday Hors D'oeuvres


New Icon.jpg Learn to create a light meal with loads of variety or start a meal off with elegance and flair! Discover simple yet elegant ways to create and cook a full Tapas platter. Learn to produce stunning hot and cold hors d'oeuvres that will impress your guests.


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Making Pizza at Home


New Icon.jpg Learn to prepare a "from scratch" crust, using organic flours, discover a variety of toppings and THEN bake it. Taste, share and consider. Yes, we eat what we make!


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Smart Serve Certification Course


Gain a competitive edge for employment in the hospitality sector. Mandatory for all working in an establishment that serves alcohol in Ontario. On successful completion of a written exam, you will receive a wallet-sized card verifying certification. Manual cost included in the course fee.


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Soup's On!


Explore the limitless possibilities of soup with our expert Chef! Begin with fresh stock to create cream soups, purees, and unusual recipes from around the world.


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Super Foods: Beat the Winter Blues


New Icon.jpg Super Foods can be used to improve your diet and your mood! Discover simple and quick recipes and sample some healthy super foods that can help with the winter blues.


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Super Foods: Super Charge your Holidays


New Icon.jpg Celebrate this holiday season by including these delicious superfoods that will also supercharge the New Year!  We’ll create a plant-powered smoothie, a side dish and a decadent dessert.


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Wine & Food Pairings


What goes well with red and white wines when pairing with food? Join our Wine Sommelier for basic tips on enhancing your pallet and learn what to avoid.


Coming in Spring 2017!



Gain skills for maintaining your garden through these workshop! Advance your skills by completing courses from our Horticulture - Plant Identification Certificate or Landscape Design Certificate.

Choosing Trees for the Future


New Icon.jpg Considering trees for the future? Answer the questions, where, what, why and how! Includes selection factors, trees to avoid and how to plant trees for a sustainable environment.


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Garden Pests - How to Spot Them and How to Deal with Them


New Icon.jpg Introduces common garden pests in Ontario and includes tips for identifying and managing them.


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Landscaping for the Home


New Icon.jpg Learn to navigate the horticultural world as it applies to your home and garden in this 15 hour course. A great way to get geared up for the spring season!


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Perennials for the Home


New Icon.jpg A 15 hour guide to popular and underused perennials that can add impact and presence to your home garden. Introduces bulbs, wildflowers, hostas, ferns and grasses.


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Popular Trees & Shrubs for the Home


New Icon.jpg Learn about popular trees, shrubs and evergreens to add interest and colour to your home landscape in this 15 hour course.


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Pruning and Maintenance Of Shrubs and Trees


Demonstrations with live plants and illustrated presentations by a Certified Arborist are used to give you the confidence to prune your shrubs and garden plants successfully.


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Health and Human Services

Behaviour Management Systems


Learn to intervene in non-physical ways to calm and de-escalate student behaviour before violence occurs. Ontario-based curriculum to understand, prevent, and change negative behaviours. Preferred by many school boards and appropriate for all who work with children. Participants receive a BMS practitioner certificate.


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C.P.R. 'C'/AED Recertification - Health Care Provider Level


Skills needed to recognize and respond to cardiovascular emergencies. This Red Cross training includes using an automated external defibrillator. Designed for Health Professionals who have a previous CPR Level ‘C’ certification, within the last 12 months.


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C.P.R.'C'/AED - Health Care Provider Level


Skills needed to recognize and respond to cardiovascular emergencies. This Red Cross training includes using an automated external defibrillator.


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Neonatal Resuscitation-Provider Certification


Gain hands-on experience in individual skill practice and integrated simulations of mega codes and newborn scenarios. Bring proof of successful completion of online NRP exam (dated within 1 month of start date) to first class. Visit for details.


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Home Decorating

Holiday Door Decorating


New Icon.jpg Make a unique holiday door decoration. Enjoy working with a decorator to create your own masterpiece. All materials will be supplied.


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Holiday Foyer Decorating



New Icon.jpg Interested in creating holiday charm? Get ideas for using garland, lights, ribbons, etc. Enhance stairways, railings and front foyers. Specific idea for those with certain areas to decorate will be given by a professional decorator. Please bring pictures of foyers, staircases, etc. Materials are supplied.


Coming in Fall 2017!


Home Renovation

Rejuvenate your home with this series of Home Renovation workshops. In-depth skills can be obtained by completing courses from the Home Renovation Acknowledgement.

Brick and Stone Essentials



New Icon.jpg Introduces the do-it-yourselfer to the essential theory and skills involved in working with brick and stone. 36 hours.


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Learn to Tile Successfully



Learn the basic steps of proper tiling starting with a simple project! Hands-on instruction will be given from selecting tiles to the actual installation and completion of a project. A good stepping stone to have the confidence to undertake a back splash or similar project.


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Steel Art Workshop – Pipe Shelving



Learn to turn a basic design into a functional work of art made of steel and wood and create your own pipe shelving unit. Gain basic skills including reading plans, measurement, pipe threading techniques, basic working, assembly and proper mounting. 16 hours.


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Steel Art Workshop – Weld a Table



Learn to use welding skills to transform a basic design into a functional side table made of steel and wood. Introduces 45 and 90 degree angle joints, using angle iron as well as square tubing. Focus on metal distortion, notching of joints and down hand welds. Basic welding skills required. 16 hours.


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Non-Profit Marketing and Communication Series

The Non-Profit Marketing and Communication Series is offered in collaboration with Mohawk Continuing Education and The Agency, an on campus learning initiative that connects with a variety of non-profit organizations.

Non-profit Marketing and Communications



Part 1. Professionals will learn the components and terminology of strategic marketing & communications plans in a non-profit setting and compare this with a traditional for-profit organization. Learners will have an opportunity to apply this knowledge through workshop activities.


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Targeted Marketing for Non-profits


Part 2. Non-profit professionals will identify, understand and apply targeted marketing concepts. Workshop themes include objective setting, identifying target markets through quantitative and qualitative research, message definition, and utilizing appropriate media tools. Learners will have an opportunity to apply this knowledge through workshop activities.


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Effective Advertising for Non-profits



Part 3. Learn to develop effective advertising in a non-profit setting. Align advertising with marketing and communication plans. Conduct a SWOT analysis to determine effective advertising approaches. Learners will have an opportunity to apply this knowledge through workshop activities.


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Non-profit Public Relations HRES10026

Part 4. Non-profit professionals will gain an understanding of the role of public relations. Draft an effective media release and understand strategies for developing media contacts. Learners will have an opportunity to apply this knowledge through workshop activities.


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Explore the world of digital photography! Start with one of these workshops as a stepping stone to the full courses in our Photography - Applied or Photography - Art Certificates.

Digital Cameras - How to use Yours Effectively



Explore camera controls, resolution, exposure, automatic flash, creativity and composition.  Supply your own digital camera.


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Smartphone Photography: An Introduction


New Icon.jpg Discuss different camera angles, optimal lighting conditions, and techniques to snap that perfect selfie, portrait or home movie. You are required to bring a smartphone.


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Technology and Skills





Examine environmentally correct equipment design, and handling procedures for CFC/HCFC/HFC refrigerants. Intended for those who wish to obtain an ODP Card or whose Card has expired.


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Guitar Building BLDG10120

New Icon.jpg Build your own guitar, in this 36 hour course, with the guidance of an experienced guitar builder. Techniques, jigs, tools and equipment are provided to build your own custom acoustic or electric guitar. Bring your own materials or choose from a selection of designs and materials (additional costs apply, approximately $300 - $800). Safety glasses and CSA approved safety shoes are mandatory and are the responsibility of the student.


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Welding Skills Practice Sessions



Attend a session for practicing welding skills - from stick welding to advanced pipe welding. Instructor is on site, however, these are non-instructional practice sessions for experienced welders only.


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New Icon.jpg Meditation can remove stress and replace it with a sense of calm, relaxation and inner stillness. Open to all levels of experience, this workshop will guide you in your journey to discover stillness and relaxation through awakened, mindful meditation.


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Yoga: Winter Wellness RECL10042

New Icon.jpg Be inspired to begin the New Year calm, healthy and balanced. Explore yoga postures, deep breathing and mindfulness to learn how these tools can improve your daily life and keep you focused on what is truly important to you. Discover the importance and health benefits of creating balance in all areas of your life.


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