Continuing Education FAQ

Program and Course Offerings / Registration / Delivery Methods

Where do I find out which courses are being offered this term?

The Continuing Education registration system lists courses offered, as well as delivery methods, start dates and fee information. Use the Course Search to view our course catalogue and find courses currently open for registration. Use the Program Search to view our credentialed programs. You can also discover courses, programs and workshops by browsing our areas of interest.

What are the Admission Requirements?

Requirements for most Continuing Education programs and courses can be found on our Admission Requirements page. Some programs have specific admission requirements which are listed on the program pages.

I am interested in completing individual courses that are part of a program. Do I have to commit to the program or can I just complete the course(s) that interest me?

Provided you have the appropriate prerequisites, most courses can be taken individually or as part of a full program. Check the course descriptions for information on prerequisites. In some cases, where the program has admission requirements and you must apply and be accepted to the program, this may not be possible.

I am interested in taking a specific program through Continuing Education. Where can I find more information?

Visit the CE Program Search to view our programs. Each program specific webpage will provide information on admission requirements, Program of Studies, learning outcomes, career opportunities, and more. If you have specific questions regarding a program, please contact the Continuing Education office.

What credentials are available through Continuing Education?

Visit Continuing Education Credentials for descriptions of the credentials available.

What is the Program of Studies?

The Program of Studies is listed on each program page and is a list of all courses a student must successfully complete to finish the program. The Program of Studies can change over time. We will make every attempt to assist current students in programs that experience a change to their Program of Studies.

How many courses can I take per term/semester?

In general, students may take as many or as few courses as they wish per semester, however we strongly encourage students to complete their program within 5 years to avoid changes in the Program of Studies. When selecting courses, please make sure you have fulfilled any required prerequisite courses. To determine if a course has a prerequisite requirement, search for your course and view the course profile. To discuss prerequisites, please contact the Continuing Education office.

How do I know when I can register for a course or a specific program?

Continuing Education courses are scheduled in three terms: Fall (courses beginning September through December), Winter (courses beginning January through March), and Spring/Summer (courses beginning April through August). Registration opens approximately 1 month before the semester begins. Some courses have several start dates each semester. Please refer to the Continuing Education registration system for upcoming course start dates.

I am an International Student. How do I register for a Continuing Education course?

International Student information can be found under CE Registration and Fees

Can I complete my course early?

Unfortunately you cannot. All courses have a start and end date and you cannot start late or finish early. However, we offer a variety of courses with late start dates and/or in an accelerated format. Check the course search for details.

What are the Continuing Education locations and instruction methods?

Continuing Education courses vary in delivery, including online, in person, and blended. Students can determine the delivery method of a course by referencing the course profile.

Face-to-face courses are identified by an In Person instruction method in the Continuing Education registration system. Students will go to the appropriate location on the start date at the time listed. Visit Continuing Education locations and instruction methods for full information. Room numbers for courses at all campuses are available online through WhereEnCampus; see Find Your Classroom for more information.

Blended courses are a mix of face-to-face and online activities. The location indicates the campus where the classroom component is held. Visit Continuing Education locations and instruction methods for more information. In most cases, the section information will give the specific dates of the classroom components. These dates are subject to change and in some cases will not be set until after the course has started. View Blended Learning for more information.

Can I audit a course?

You must have approval from the Dean of Continuing Education, prior to registering, to audit a course. You will not receive a grade/credit and regular fees will apply. Seek approval by emailing

I am a Senior Citizen. Is there a discount available?

Senior Citizens, 65 years of age or older, may be entitled to a reduced fee. Details can be found on the Fees and Financial Information page.

Online Learning

How does Online Learning work? Can I do courses at my own pace?

There are many benefits to taking an online course, including having flexibility to fit your schedule and being able to complete coursework from any location. However, you cannot start courses late nor finish early. Online courses are delivered through OntarioLearn, MyCanvas and other platforms. Visit the Online Learning page for more information.

What is the meaning of the number of hours given for online courses?

The number of hours shown are "equivalent classroom hours". Thus, the workload for a 42-hour online course would be about the same as if you took a course through the traditional classroom delivery. In general, the workload of an online course is equal to, or greater than, an in-class course. We estimate that the student workload for one course is approximately 5 - 10 hours per week.

I am having technical difficulties with my online course. Who can I contact to get help?

For online courses offered through MyCanvas, visit the Mohawk College Student Technical Support web page. For courses offered through OntarioLearn, contact the 24-hour OntarioLearn Help Desk (opens in new window). Instructions for accessing online courses can be found on the Online Learning page. Additional technical support is available through Digital Skills.

Where do I write exams, if there are any?

Details on exams - including dates, times, locations, format and more - will be provided by your instructor, inside your course shell.

If you have additional questions, please email your Continuing Education academic area.

Fees / Financial Information / Income Tax

How much does a course or program cost?

Course fees are displayed in the Continuing Education registration system. Each course is paid for individually at the time of registration. Fees listed on the course registration page do not include textbook costs. Visit the Fees page for more information.

Is there Financial Assistance available?

Visit the CE Financial Assistance webpage for information about part-time OSAP and to explore funding options including Continuing Education bursaries.

Where do I find Income Tax Receipts?

Login to MyMohawk and choose Finances (from the left-side menu) for information regarding your T2202 (Tuition and Enrolment Certificate) Income Tax form.

Getting Started after Registration

I registered for a course - what are my next steps?

Visit CE Get Started, your go-to resource for getting started. You'll find information on online tools and the wide range of student services available to you to support your success. Review information on logging into MyMohawk, accessing Mohawk email, textbooks and more. You can also visit our Student Services page to explore the many ways we can help you.

How do I access MyMohawk?

You will use the MohawkID and password obtained when you registered. You need to sign in to MyMohawk on a regular basis to keep your account active. Visit the MyMohawk Guide for more information.

Do I need a student card as a Continuing Education student?

The ONE Card is the official Mohawk College student identification card and is used for food and bookstore purchases, printing and photocopying, and Mohawk Library privileges and equipment loans. Though not mandatory, a Continuing Education ONE Card may be purchased for $10.00 in person at the ONE Card Office. To be eligible for a CE ONE Card you must be registered for a course in the current semester. Be sure to bring valid Government Issued Photo ID and have your student number ready. Visit the ONE Card Office webpage for more information.

I'm registered for an in-class course - where do I find the classroom location?

Classroom locations are posted on WhereEnCampus under the Continuing Education Room List. Please view the Campus and Classroom Information page for more details.

Where do I find information on parking?

Parking fees are determined by Mohawk College Parking Services. Paid parking is in effect at all campus locations. Continuing Education students taking courses at Fennell Campus or Stoney Creek Campus will be required to purchase an evening CE Parking Pass online, at the Stoney Creek Campus Store, or the Parking Office at Fennell Campus i130. Single day/evening parking is available at payment machines in designated lots. Parking at IAHS is provided by McMaster University Parking Services at the E.T. Clarke Centre, Room 102.

Accessible Parking individuals requiring long-term accessible parking arrangements can contact the Parking Office at Fennell Campus. Please provide a copy of a valid government issued accessible permit. For temporary accessible parking or for more information, please contact Accessible Learning Services at 905-575-2122. Staff members who require accessible parking arrangements must contact the Parking Office and provide HR/Staffing Services with the appropriate documentation.

How do I update my address and phone number?

You can change your personal information in the Continuing Education Registration System Student Home. Login and choose My Student account.

Or sign in to MyMohawk. On the Home screen scroll down to Personal Information.

If you require assistance, drop in to the Student Services office at any campus or call 1-844-767-6871.

Exemptions and Prior Learning

How can I apply for an Exemption?

Students who have taken courses similar to those in the Program of Studies at Mohawk College or another post-secondary institution may apply for an exemption to receive credit for the course(s). Exemptions are processed online through MyMohawk. Learn more about the exemption process on the Course Exemptions page.

Can I get credit for Prior Learning/Experience?

Mohawk College recognizes that college-level learning can take place in a variety of settings both inside and outside the traditional classroom. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) focuses on the evaluation of prior learning rather than formal educational courses used in the academic transfer of credits or course exemptions. PLAR evaluates knowledge and skill on an individual basis. Credit is granted when learning level and content match the objectives of a specific course. Visit the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition website for more information.

Resources and Supports

What resources are available to help me succeed in my Continuing Education studies?

Mohawk College has many services that are available to all students. Visit CE Get Started, your go-to resource for getting started, where you'll find information on online tools and the wide range of student services available to you to support your success as a Mohawk College student and to help you achieve your future goals! You can also visit our Student Services page to explore the many ways we can help you.

How do I register with Accessible Learning Services?

Accommodation supports are available for Continuing Education students who have, or suspect they have, a disability. Visit Accessible Learning Services (ALS), email, or visit The Registrar's Office (Fennell), The Registrar's Office (IAHS), Room C104 (Stoney Creek) to register with Accessible Learning Services. You can reach ALS by phone at 905-575-2122.

How can I get involved in the Mohawk community?

There are some great opportunities available for students to get involved, both on and off campus. Hoping to find ways to contribute to the campus? Seeking opportunities to meet new people or develop valuable skills? Visit the Volunteering page to discover current volunteer opportunities or to sign up. Explore clubs, activities, events and more through the Mohawk Students’ Association.

I am having technical difficulties with my course. Who can I contact to get help?

Our Student Technical Support team is available via chat, phone, email and in-person. For online courses offered through MyCanvas, contact Mohawk College Digital Skills. For courses offered through OntarioLearn, contact the 24-hour OntarioLearn Help Desk (opens in new window). Instructions for accessing online courses can be found on the Online Learning page.

What is Security Alert Messaging (SAM)?

SAM’s primary role is to warn students and staff when there is a direct threat to their safety on campus. The service will also be used to relay important information such as closures due to inclement weather. To learn more visit Mohawk SAM (Security Alert Messenger).

Course Cancellations / Withdraw / Refunds

Is there a chance my course could be cancelled?

In the event that a course is cancelled, diligent effort will be made to contact students prior to the beginning of the course. You will be notified by email, so please ensure you keep your personal information up to date. We will provide students with course options available, or a full refund. Refunds take approximately 4-6 weeks to process and are sent in the form of a cheque, to the address on file or will be issued to the credit card used during registration.

How can I receive a refund for my course?

I need to withdraw from my course, will I be penalized?

Deadline dates apply to both withdrawing with a refund and withdrawing (without a refund) to avoid academic penalty. These dates can be viewed in the section information (prior to registration) or from your CE Registration System Student Home (after registration). More information can be found on the Course Cancellations / Withdrawals / Refunds page.

Final Grades / Course and Program Completion

How do I view my final grades?

Approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the end of your course, log in to MyMohawk to view your grades. Select “Academics” and “Final grades”. If you are waiting for grades beyond this timeframe, contact your Continuing Education program area. Details about the grading system can be found on the Grading and Evaluation webpage.

I have completed all courses required for my Acknowledgement of Completion. How do I receive this document?

Once you have successfully completed all the courses in the Program of Studies and final grades appear on your academic record, you may request your Acknowledgement of Completion. Students will need to submit the online Request for Acknowledgement of Completion form. Your Acknowledgement of Completion will be mailed to you at the address provided. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

I have completed all courses required for my Certificate, Diploma or Microcredential. What are the next steps?

When you have successfully completed all the courses in the Program of Studies and final grades appear on your academic record, please apply to graduate. Regardless of whether or not you wish to attend the Convocation ceremony, you still need to apply to graduate through MyMohawk. Residency requirements and course/program currency requirements must be met. Visit Graduation and Convocation for details.

I lost my Certificate/Diploma - can I get a replacement?

Visit the Convocation page to obtain a request form. A fee will apply.

Additional Questions?

Contact Continuing Education