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An Update From Your Alumni Association: March 2024

The Alumni newsletter and In Touch magazine are taking a break as we seek feedback and new ideas from our wonderful alumni community. There are lots of exciting changes afoot across Mohawk College and we think you’d rather be informing these changes than reading about them.

Over the next few months we will be inviting you to give us feedback on what and how we communicate with you, and more importantly, how you’d like to be engaged and supported on your individual journeys. While this conversation continues we will keep you apprised of major developments when needed, and hope you will keep tabs on everything that’s going on through our social channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X, LinkedIn and here on the Alumni website.  


Fairweather Brewing bottles

Curious about a career in food and beverage processing? Employer Networking Event

– 11:30 am
Jul 25

Curious about a career in food and beverage processing? The City of Hamilton's Economic Development Office has partnered with Mohawk College's Workforce Partnerships department to launch a new two-day event series called 'Curious about a career in...?' July’s industry focus is on food and be