Ways to Give

Make a gift. Make a difference.

Through the kindness of our donors, Mohawk College Foundation is able to support college growth; enhance programs and learning environments; inspire game-changing initiatives; and have the great privilege of awarding close to a thousand scholarships and bursaries each year.

Reach out to us today to donate and learn how you can help support our students and programs.


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Explore the many opportunities and see how you can make a difference today.

Annual giving

Each year we are fortunate to receive gifts of all sizes from donors interested in supporting post-secondary education at Mohawk College. These gifts provide the flexibility to:

Learn about annual giving 

  • support students in various programs
  • contribute to ongoing campaigns
  • provide funding to an area of greatest need


To learn more, please contact Development Officer, Jaime Bennett

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These types of giving help build a stable foundation from which we are able to support both the present and future needs of our students.

Learn about awards

We work with you to establish criteria for your gift that will benefit students for years to come.

  • Scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence
  • Bursaries are presented to students with financial need


To learn more, please contact Senior Development Officer, Gena Dureault

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Campaign gifts

Whether to support a campus construction initiative or to fund an equipment acquisition, the Foundation raises funds through targeted, time-limited campaigns.

Learn about campaign gifts

Examples include:

  • The (breathtaking) David Braley Athletic & Recreation Centre
  • The Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation – Canada’s first Net Zero Carbon building
  • City School, Mohawk’s initiative to break down barriers to education and employment


To make a contribution or for more information please e-mail Foundation@mohawkcollege.ca

Planned giving

Building a gift to Mohawk College Foundation into your will or estate is an amazing gesture of support that will inspire students for generations to come.

Learn about planned giving

Planned gifts can be made through:

  • bequests (gift in a will)
  • life insurance
  • publicly listed securities (stocks, bonds, etc.)


To learn more, or to inform us you are planning a gift, please contact Senior Development Officer, Gena Dureault


Mohawk College is grateful to receive non- cash donations that may include things
like books, equipment, software licenses, computer equipment, tools, etc.

Learn about gifts-in-kind

These gifts may come from an individual or corporation and can be transferred to Mohawk College for its use

  • Items donated should provide educational benefit for students and faculty
  • All items must be reviewed by the Foundation prior to receiving a gift-in-kind


To learn more or to donate contact Katie Steadman, Development Officer

Employee giving

It says a lot that so many faculty and employees choose to show their support for Mohawk students. It’s easy for Mohawk College employees to make a financial donation.

Learn about employee giving

  • you can give through payroll deduction
  • or join the fun of our semi-monthly employee 50/50 Lottery


For more information, please contact Development Officer, Jaime Bennett

Gifts of securities

Donating publicly traded securities, such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds, is a progressive and productive way to support Mohawk College students and foundation initiatives.

Learn about gifts of securities

  • A charitable tax receipt is issued for the fair market value of the securities on the date of transfer of ownership


For more information, or to make a donation pleas e-mail Foundation@mohawkcollege.ca


Mohawk College Foundation hosts
a number of annual events that are supported by individuals and businesses in our community.

Learn about sponsorship

We welcome your interest in becoming an event sponsor. Annual events:

  • Mohawk Partnership Dinner: An opportunity to bring together Mohawk College and its most valued community, educational and industry partners. We showcase some of our most exciting initiatives, while raising funds to support Mohawk College, our partners and our community
  • President’s Golf Classic: A fantastic day to raise funds in support of key initiatives, while enjoying a day on the course


For more information, please contact Development Officer, Jaime Bennett

Tribute/memorial giving

In recognition of a friend, loved one, family member, teacher, or coach, a tribute or memorial gift is a lovely gesture of appreciation.

Learn about tribute/memorial giving

  • Upon receiving a memorial gift, the Foundation will notify the person (or their family) to whom the gift is dedicated
  • Donation amounts remain confidential


For more information, please contact Senior Development Officer, Gena Dureault