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5 steps to becoming a Mohawk student

1. Prepare, 2. Apply, 3. Confirm, 4. Register and 5. Start! 

Applied and have questions?
The admissions team is available to help, you can contact them via Admissions or by phone at 1-844-767-6871.

Haven’t applied and need help?
Contact us or phone 905-575-2460.

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Are you an international student?

You are an International applicant if you are a citizen of another country and do not have permanent residency status in Canada. Visit the international students page or contact us today!

Start an apprenticeship

Explore apprenticeship at Mohawk College.

Step 1: Prepare

Why Mohawk?

Mohawk is a leader among Ontario's colleges. Deeply rooted in our community and the demands of the present, we have a global perspective that addresses the needs of the future.

Read more about why to choose Mohawk

The Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation at Mohawk's Fennell Campus

Discover your options

There are many entry points and options at Mohawk College to help you achieve your goals.

Discover your options

Career tools

Not sure which program or career is right for you?

Try our online career tools to find programs that are right for you.

Find your program

Mohawk offers a wide selection of programs at the certificate and diploma level.

Many programs provide a fast track option which means you'll graduate sooner.

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Custom viewbook

Create your own custom viewbook and personalize your Mohawk experience.

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Step 2: Apply

Apply online at ontariocolleges.ca and pay special attention to requirements for competitive programs.

Learn how to apply

Need help along the way? Contact admissions or connect with an advisor or phone 905-575-2460.

Once you have applied to Mohawk, you'll receive an acknowledgement from us with information about how to access online applicant resources.

Applying to competitive programs

Competitive programs have more applicants than there are spaces available. You must apply for these programs before the equal consideration date to be eligible for the first round of offers. Late applications will be considered pending spaced in the program. Learn more about competitive programs.

Important dates and deadlines

Applying for Fall 2020:

  • Feb 1: Equal consideration date
  • May 1: Confirm offer of admission
  • June 15: Tuition deposit due for new students

Applying for Winter 2021:

  • June 1: Equal consideration date
  • Mid-July: Confirm offer of admission
  • November 16 (or refer to your fee statement): Tuition deposit due for new students

See the Academic Dates page for more information.


Step 3: Confirm

Congratulations you received an offer in your program! Confirm your offer in your program of choice and watch the mail for your Registration and Fee Guide package.

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Confirm your offer

Take the next step!

Confirm your offer to Mohawk


Step 4: Register

Complete your Assessments for Success

Assessments for Success are designed to determine your skills and help you succeed; they do not affect your offer of admission.

Based on your results, you will be placed in the Communications course that is right for you. You may even be exempt from one or more of your required Communications courses.

Learn more about Assessments for Success

Secure your spot

Pay the $250 non-refundable tuition deposit by the due date indicated on your fee statement to secure your spot. This deposit amount applies to new or returning students as of Fall 2020.

A $150 deposit late fee will be charged after the due date listed on the fee statement.

Learn more about how to pay your fees

Select your timetable to register

Find the date and time that timetable selection begins for your program in MyMohawk by selecting "Find out when to register online" under the "Registration" link. Be sure to complete your registration by clicking the "Submit to register" button.


Step 5: Start!

Get prepared

Welcome to Mohawk! We're here to help you prepare for college. To make your transition smoother we recommend exploring our Future Ready Toolkit and participating in Orientation. Staying up to date with events, news and more via social media.