History & Information on Gerald Marshall

Gerald Marshall, a mentor to many, believed that hard work and dedication would lead to success. The Marshall family feels that this sentiment still holds true today. With a $1.2 million donation to Mohawk College, the Marshall family hopes that Gerald’s personal conviction and commitment will provide inspiration to Mohawk students for generations to come.

Gerald was a caring husband, father and grandfather who called Hamilton home for most of his life.

“My father had a very strong work ethic,” says Wayne Marshall. “He never sat idle.”

Gerald had a lifelong love of automobiles. In 1970, he turned his passion into a profitable business. With one truck, he established G. Marshall Transport Limited.

Gerald's business interests also included significant involvement in the investment, real estate, and tire industries.

Sadly, Gerald passed away in May 2006, in his 72nd year. By establishing the Gerald Marshall Fund, his family is keeping his memory alive. The fund has made a sizeable donation to the redevelopment of Mohawk College’s Stoney Creek campus and is encouraging Gerald’s friends and business associates to make contributions of their own. The donation will go towards the construction of the Gerald Marshall Truck and Coach Facility.

Wayne says of his father, “He didn’t care where you were from or how much money you had. He had lots of respect for hardworking people. He was that kind of guy.”