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Foundation Team

Lorna Somers
Vice President, Advancement & Alumni Engagement
Phone: 365-226-0053
lorna.somers [at] (Email Lorna)

Tracey Bailey
Chief Advancement Officer
Phone: 365-226-0146
tracey.bailey [at] (Email Tracey)

Jaime Bennett 
Development Specialist, Annual Gifts
Phone: 905-575-2333
jaime.bennett [at] (Email Jaime)

Timothy Bishop
Manager, Advancement Systems & Finance
Phone: 365-227-0751
timothy.bishop1 [at] (Email Timothy)

Nicole Boncheff
Senior Advisor, Advancement Engagement (Acting)
Phone: 365-226-0749
Nicole.boncheff [at] (Email Nicole)

Frank Castiglione, Ph D
Director, Strategic Advancement Initiatives
Phone: 365-226-0439
frank.castiglione [at] (Email Frank)


Michelle Chooson
Development Specialist, Industry & Corporate Partners
Phone: 365-227-0812
michelle.chooson [at] (Email Michelle)

Bonnie DeWitt-Tuthill
Office Manager & Executive Assistant
Phone: 905-575-2287
bonnie.dewitt-tuthill [at] (Email Bonnie)

Bailey Gandy
Senior Advisor, Advancement & Engagement
Phone: 365-226-0197
bailey-anne.gandy [at] (Email Bailey)

Wendy Schilling
Director, Philanthropy
Phone: 365-226-0342
wendy.schilling [at] (Email Wendy)

Jeff Wahn
Director, Advancement Services
Phone: 365-226-0041
jeffrey.wahn [at] (Email Jeff)

Foundation Board

To contact Foundation Board members, please foundation [at] (email the Foundation)

Stephen Aikman
Founder, All-Natural Advice

Kat Clark
Manager, Marketing & Graphic Design, Core Entertainment

Jay Hayward
Vice President, Operations at CSN Collision Centres

Suzanne Mammel
Land Development Professional




Ron J. McKerlie 

Bob Savage
Retired Steel Industry Professional

Carmela Trombetta
VP, RBC-Royal Bank Greater Hamilton

Liberatore Trombetta
VP, Strategy & Sustainability, CKF Inc

Pearl Veenema
President & CEO, Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation