Alumni encourages others to pay it forward 

By Melicka Aldridge

For Mohawk College Alumni, Brock Langley, giving back to his alma mater was one way to show gratitude for the knowledge and experience he had gained. Brock graduated from the three-year General Business program in 1970. Upon graduation, he quickly managed to obtain employment in his field of study and spent 38 years of his career in the business world with a focus on customer service, sales administration, production planning, marketing and sales management. The education he received at Mohawk College was a true asset in achieving his professional success

“I felt fortunate and wanted to pay it forward,” Brock said. “I started years ago with an annual donation to The Mohawk College Foundation, for their management of donations, to best help needy students. I was fortunate in that my employer also provided a 100 per cent donation match, even to this day, after many years in retirement.” 

Brock encourages other Mohawk College Alumni to pay tribute to the college in one way or another to help reduce financial barriers that come with being a student, especially during difficult economical times. 
“I would respectfully ask that other alumni consider gifting as their token of thanks for the value received at Mohawk College to further help today’s students attain what we were fortunate enough to attain. It’s simply the right thing to do,” Brock said. 

If you are interested in making a donation to The Mohawk College Foundation. Please visit,